Halloween Contest Shows Ugly Side of Politics

Talk about scary politics.

Republicans are throwing a Halloween party in Pembroke Pines next Friday night. As part of the festivities, they will be holding a U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz look-alike contest that the invitation says "could scare the devil himself." The winner gets $100.

Wasserman Schultz

​Wasserman Schultz is, of course, the Democratic congresswoman now being challenged by a Republican named Karen Harrington. The party is sponsored by the Broward Young Republicans, the Sunshine Republicans, and the Greater Hollywood Republican Club. 

There is a very nasty undertone to all of this that I don't think I have to spell out.

You hear it often from Wasserman Schultz's detractors. They claim she is unattractive and make fun of her appearance. Harrington has even let it creep into her campaigning in a not-so-unsubtle way. Y

ou can see the tactic at play in an ad produced by Harrington's campaign in which a child has an adverse reaction to seeing Wasserman Schultz's face on television:

Don't you love how Harrington throws in a plug for her restaurant and its chicken wings?

Inside, see the Halloween invitation. 

Halloween Contest Shows Ugly Side of Politics

This is the week for political ghouls, goblins and ghosts. Oh, and it's also Halloween. To honor this ever more popular holiday,

Halloween Contest Shows Ugly Side of Politics

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