Hassan Whiteside's Eight Best Moments in a Heat Uniform -- So Far

Hassan Whiteside's Eight Best Moments in a Heat Uniform -- So Far
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South Florida sports fans have not had a lot to be excited about this year. LeBron left, the Heat are racked with injuries, the Marlins are an enigma, the Panthers are a roller coaster of crazy, and the Dolphins are forever mediocre.

But all is not lost. Because hope has arrived in the form of a 25-year-old seven-footer named Hassan Whiteside. And just as he's been handing out hope to Heat fans, he's also been obliterating the competition. In a word, the man is awesome. And we're going all in on believing he's for real.

Sure, hope can be a sketchy thing sometimes. Morgan Freeman said in Shawshank Redemption that "hope is a dangerous thing."

Yes, hope is a dangerous thing -- FOR EVERYONE ELSE!

Whiteside has been with the Heat only a quarter of the season, and already he's piled up some great moments. Here are the eight best moments he's given us so far:

8. That time he flexed against the Bucs

Sure, it was a loss, and sure the Heat commentators weren't too happy with it (because of class and whatever, we guess?). But seeing Hassan flexing after he swallows up an opponent and then flushes down a monster dunk reminds us of another certain Hall of Fame center who once roamed the Earth in a Heat uniform...

7. That time he ruined the Celtics' Super Bowl tailgate party

Super Bowl Sunday wasn't all superterrific good times for Boston sports fans. Hours before the Seahawks coughed up the big game and handed the Patriots the championship, Hassan Whiteside came into Boston and dipped his massive balls into their chowder. Whiteside finished with 20 points, nine rebounds and three blocks while he tossed Celtics players around like Godzilla does subway cars.

6. That time he made Joakim Noah disappear

The NBA Sunday Showcase in late January was supposed to be a day where the rest of the country got to see how good Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, and the Chicago Bulls are and why they're on a lot of analysts' lists of teams that will be in the finals this year. Then Hassan Whiteside showed up and wrecked that train with one swat of his massiveness. Whiteside came out and threw down his first career triple double, ending the game with 14 points, 13 rebounds, 13 blocks, and leaving the entire city of Chicago a smoldering heap.

5. That time he grabbed all of the rebounds against the Mavericks

For the longest time, the biggest issue the Heat have had has been rebounding the ball. Then along comes Whiteside, who went and grabbed 24 of them against Dallas in January. Twenty-four. That's an entire team's worth.

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