Hollywood Machete Attack Hospitalizes Two Men; Possibly Sparked by Fruit Theft

The cops say a Friday machete attack -- possibly started over fruit theft -- put both the attacker and his victim in the hospital.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, the man on the receiving end of the machete whacks "lost a lot of blood" and was being treated for life-threatening injuries at Memorial Regional Hospital.

The men, both in their 30s, have had previous spats with each other -- although it's not clear why they have been fighting, the paper says.

One clue at the scene of the attack was a fruit-picking device, leading to the theory that fruit theft may have motivated the machete attack.

Neither man's name has been released by the cops, although police say the man wielding the machete also landed in the hospital after Friday's ruckus.

Several neighbors at the scene -- near Taft Street and North 58th Avenue -- reportedly witnessed the attack.

A call to Hollywood police for new information was not immediately returned.

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