In Celebrity Coverage, the Rich Get Richer

50 yo divorcee seeks skilled equestrian
50 yo divorcee seeks skilled equestrian

The Palm Beach Post's Jose Lambiet has what can only be called an enviable gig. In the frenzied field of celebrity reporting, Lambiet doesn't need to chase. The celebrities come to him.

This morning's news of Madonna's possible move to Wellington is like a big juicy Maraschino cherry on an already delicious mimosa. Now when the inevitable affair between her and the polo player becomes official, Lambiet will have a front row seat. Perhaps in the future unauthorized biography, Lambiet will contribute an essay for the chapter called, "Then She Turned 50 and Started Schtupping Athletes."

Lambient even has photographers trolling around the county, pouncing on semi-celebrities like Palm Beach Gardens resident Richard Williams -- the father of Venus and Serena -- who avail themselves of photo ops like this one, even if they do also lead to truncated interviews.

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