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In Cord Blood

9 years ago by Julia Reischel
Under bright white lights, several pairs of hands reach into a gaping red gash in the very pregnant belly of Rosa Simmons. With a squelch, her seven-pound daughter Emily, gray and wriggling, appears. It is June 6 at Northwest Medical Center in Margate. Rosa Simmons' cesarean section has been swift...

Blood Trade

13 years ago by Eric Alan Barton
Michael Piquion, a shy 13-year-old with a soft smile and eyes that dart timidly away from strangers, sits in a Jackson Memorial Hospital room with walls decorated in pastels, polka dots, and Rugrats characters. With his left hand, he curls a crimson cord connected to a plastic bag overhead that...

Cold Blooded

7 years ago by Sam Eifling
You know your week hasn’t gone as it should when your name appears in a headline like the one Panthers forward Richard Zednik generated in the Miami Herald: “Panthers’ Zednik lucky to be alive.” Earlier this month, Zednik made possibly the biggest news in the National Hockey League by catching...

Blood Sport

14 years ago by Jean Oppenheimer
The 20th Century is replete with examples of unconscionable crimes carried out in the name of some quasi-political, military, or religious cause -- acts of such misguided judgment and mindless brutality that they seem to cross an invisible threshold of decency, morality, and understanding. The My Lai massacre of 1968,...

Blood Diamonds

7 years ago by Brantley Hargrove
It's a creepy feeling, knowing these masked men have cased you for weeks, studying your every move. Leon Rozio had crossed paths with their kind before — highly organized South American theft gangs that employ sophisticated surveillance and commando-style assault tactics. Rozio, age 64, is one of a dying breed...
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