In Honor of A-Rod, a "Pretty Accurate" Post About the Miami Heat

I think it's "pretty accurate" to say the Miami Heat can no longer beat the Denver Nuggets. Last night the Heat dropped its 8th straight to Carmelo Anthony and the Nuggets. By 17. At home. And it's pretty accurate to say it was never close.

Was that an American flag Band-Aid on Dwyane Wade's face, you ask? That's pretty accurate.

It's also pretty accurate to say the Phoenix Suns are in love with Pat Riley. For the second straight year, the Heat might work a deal with the Phoenix Suns. This year they might acquire 26-year-old, four-time All-Star Amare Stoudemire in exchange for Shawn Marion (who the Heat got last year in exchange for Shaquille O'Neal). The best part: there are rumors that the Suns - in an attempt to clear roster spots and salary room for rebuilding - want to include Shaq in any deal.

That's right, Shaq might be back. Video after the jump.

Will the Heat get Amare Stoudemire? J.A. Adande weighs in.


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