Internal Poll Gives Ron Klein an Eight-Point Lead in Race Against Allen West

Ron Klein's campaign is feeling good about his chances of being sworn in again in 2011.

We've been waiting for one of the two campaigns in the 22nd Congressional District to release the findings of an internal poll -- typically, candidates withhold those findings until they've got good news to report. And it appears that's what Ron Klein has. Klein's campaign today released a poll that found he's winning the race against West, with 48 percent of respondents saying the incumbent congressman has their vote.

Forty percent of those in the Broward / Palm Beach district say they're voting for West.

The poll, by Anzalone Liszt Research was conducted from September 14 - 16 and relied upon 500 phone interviews with likely voters.

It also found that West's unfavorable rating is 26 percent, nearly triple what it was in May. The Klein campaign credits its recent ads highlighting West's history of personal financial difficulties and his "extreme" positions on reforming national entitlement programs.

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