Judge Larry Puts on the Ritz

Judge Larry Puts on the Ritz

As you can see, in the space of a couple of weeks, Seidlin charged up a Walt Disney World vacation and an expensive stay at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples. He even spent $150 for swim lessons at the Jack Nelson Swim School in Fort Lauderdale. It's suspected those were for Seidlin's daughter Dax, whose education at the expensive private Pine Crest School was also subsidized by Kasler.

But it's Seidin's stay at the Ritz that is of chief concern here. He stayed three nights -- June 11, 12, and 13. That happens to coincide with the 2006 Florida Conference of Circuit Judges, which Seidlin also allegedly attended.

Inside, see evidence that Seidlin double-dipped at the conference on the taxpayers' dime.

Although it's clear from the credit card charges that Seidlin charged Kasler for the stay at the Ritz and for gas during the conference, that didn't stop him from hitting up the state for reimbursement. Here's a copy of the travel voucher reimbursement Seidlin submitted to the state after the conference.

Judge Larry Puts on the Ritz


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