Just 'Cause He Doesn't Give "Handouts" Doesn't Mean Hasner's a (R-Word)

I s'pose the guy who recently accused House Majority Leader Adam Hasner of "race-baiting" (and that would be me) should resist giving lectures about decorum. But I did not question the legitimacy of Hasner's membership in the human race. Not like some Democrat who called him a "robot" after the Delray Beach state rep and his fellow Republicans refused $444 million in federal stimulus aid for unemployed Floridians.

Robotic technology has simply not evolved that fast. Of course, ever since Barack Obama cleared the way for stem cell research, great progress has been made on cyborgs. They look and sound 100 percent human, save for the glitch in the program that makes them commit the occasional double-negative. Anyway, state capital reporters for the St. Petersburg Times quoted Hasner explaining his party's opposition to the free money.

"Once government provides that handout, it never takes it back. This is not an issue about not being compassionate."


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