It May Be a Matter of Semantics, but No Pink Slip for Wendy
Pursuant to the article "You Call This Art and Culture?
" in your March 26 issue, I must point out a serious error.

If writer Sean Rowe had accurately researched this article, he would not have characterized my departure from the Art and Culture Center in July 1995 as the "ouster of Wendy Blazier, the curator Arrowood fired." I was the executive director of the center, and I was not fired but chose to resign. I resigned to distance myself professionally from what I considered to be unethical practices and a path of destruction that newly hired director Arrowood was set on pursuing. The actions described in your article are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Arrowood wrecked at the center.

I now serve as the director of development for the Boca Raton Museum of Art, a position that I gained based on my merits and past achievements.

I hope that you will publish this letter and correct this error for the consideration of accurate journalism.

Wendy Blazier

Indians Banking on Casinos -- Imagine That!
This letter is regarding your cover story "Big Chief Moneybags" (Sean Rowe, March 19), dealing with Seminole tribe chairman James Billie and his successful casino and other nongaming business ventures. How American can one get, than to succeed financially in the greatest capitalist nation in the world -- the U.S.A.?

In the past no one seemed to care about "nine-fingered" alligator wrestlers or impoverished Indian women selling beads and blankets along Highway 441.

But when the Seminoles' moneymaking ventures began to include building casinos, they were attacked on all fronts (something the Seminoles are quite used to since the days of Christopher Columbus).

When the Seminoles pleaded with us to keep the air, water, and land clean, we non-Native Americans laughed at them; now they are telling Floridians that casinos are the future of the gaming industry, and it seems as if they're right again. Who's laughing now?

Stan Wertheimer

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