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Please Say That Tom Tomorrow Isn't Yesterday's News I was so happy when the Broward*Palm Beach New Times came into existence recently. The first thing I would do was read Tom Tomorrow's great biting political satire in his comic strip, "This Modern World." I really appreciated that I didn't have to dig for it as it initially appeared on page three. I didn't even mind having to hunt for it when it was moved to the interior. But I couldn't find it at all in your December 18 issue. Please tell me it's just an oversight.

Elliot Gertel
Boca Raton
Editor's note: It was.

Koretzky: Still Kissing Ass for a Job at New Times
A couple of years ago, I applied at New Times as a writer and was told I'd never see my name in such a respected publication. So I just want to say thanks for writing about me twice in the past two months.

I can't argue with anything in your November 20 cover story ("That's Why They Called It XS") other than that out-of-focus photo of me, which may have been a blessing in disguise. But your December 18 "Undercurrents" quotes Bobby Pignone, co-owner of the Poor House, about the City Link Music Fest, which I help organize. In it Pignone accuses me and the fest's organizers of trying to "push him around" by dictating what bands would play in his club and which patrons would be allowed inside.

But Pignone agreed to everything at two organizational meetings held in his club. I don't expect you to take my word for it, of course, and it's not really worth another story in New Times. But maybe next time you write about me or City Link or the music fest (and you seem to have a monthly quota on these topics), your reporter can pick up the phone and get a quote from, say, some of the other music fest organizers who were present at those meetings. Even a low-rent publication like City Link would do that. I think.

Other than that, I know I speak for many people when I say I'm glad New Times is in town. For Broward it means twice as many viewpoints. For me it means twice as much bad press.

I look forward to the funny headline you'll put on top of this letter. Keep up the good work.

Michael Koretzky
Fort Lauderdale

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