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Up Against the Wall, Sir
In response to your article, "Conspiracy, She Wrote" (January 15), I was completely unaware of Virginia Snyder's existence, but I am certainly glad there's someone out there taking on the cops, as difficult a responsibility as that is to have! I'm no private investigator, and my bad-cop knowledge goes as far as witnessing them speeding and turning on their sirens in order to run through red lights. I wish there were a way citizens could write tickets for the aforementioned offenses and other abuses.

Cops remind me of that kid in kindergarten who would always tell the teacher if someone did something wrong, and you could never get back at that kid, because he was protected by the teacher at all times of the day. Those kids are probably cops today. Bottom line: Citizens can't give cops tickets. Citizens can't even touch the cops, and they continue to run all over the law like it was their own little playground. I'm glad someone like Virginia Snyder is out there looking out for all of us. She does more good than any of those cops ever do.

Jason Feifer
Coral Springs

A Glowing Letter of Recommendation
My thanks to Mike Freedman for the story he did about my aunt and partner, Virginia Snyder, and the Delray Beach Police Department ("Conspiracy, She Wrote"). It was thorough and objective.

It was not mentioned in the story, but over the past 21 years Virginia has been recognized by two Florida governors. In 1975 Gov. Reubin Askew named her one of fourteen "Outstanding Women of Florida" for her "contribution to her community, her state and her profession." In 1996 Gov. Lawton Chiles named her "One of Florida's Finest," stating, "Because of the difference you make, Florida is a better state."

I'm pointing this out in case there are readers who do not know Virginia who may get the idea from some of the quotes in the story that she is a crazy old lady who has a vendetta against police.

Thanks again for a great story.
K. Wayne Campbell
Deerfield Beach

This Is Becoming a Trend
This letter is being written to commend, quite highly, a member of your staff: Lucy Chabot.

Ms. Chabot approached me recently with regard to a matter wherein I represented a homeless man whose dog had been involuntarily removed by a neighborhood woman ("The Case of the Homeless Hound," January 8). This incident occurred months ago, but the man has been unable to recover his pet. I have been attempting to assist him, on a pro bono basis, in having the animal returned.

The story Ms. Chabot wrote was found to be impartial and unbiased, which I appreciated. I would also like to bring to your attention that Ms. Chabot, during her interview of the undersigned and on such other occasions that we spoke, was found to be professional in her attitude and was polite and considerate as well as determined to complete a well-grounded story.

Blake M. Carlton, Esq.
Fort Lauderdale


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