Letters for 8-14, 2007

Bulletin! Bulletin!

The end of the affair? John Darrell Boyd pleaded guilty to one count of organized fraud and two counts of Medicaid fraud on Thursday, November 1 ("Burned at Both Ends," Deirdra Funcheon, November 1). He was adjudicated guilty and will be sentenced in January. He could face up to five years in prison, ten years of probation, 1,000 hours of community service, $100,000 restitution, and $25,000 investigative costs.

Sandi Copes, Office of the State Attorney General


Dig a little deeper, copper: The case of John Darrell Boyd is typical in that, when you have a criminal background, law enforcement sees you as a big fish to fry, a chance to get a feather in its hat. It doesn't matter how much corruption Boyd has uncovered within those agencies — they have the protection of their peer group in law enforcement and government. What do most agencies do when they find corruption in their ranks? They get the corrupt ones out of the positions they're in by promoting them — exactly what happened in this case.

Because of Boyd's background, the higher legal authorities don't take his allegations of fraud and corruption seriously. After all, he has a criminal background, so he's got to be the one guilty. Those upstanding gentlemen just doing their jobs? They wouldn't take kickbacks or bribes. (Give me a break; that's their M.O.!) Meanwhile, the real criminals get away with murder (or at least massive fraud and corruption) and are all too often truly above the law. That is one of the dark sides of the American way. A real investigation into Boyd's allegations (going much deeper than anything covered in your article, which was very well-done, by the way) needs to be pursued, probably by the FBI, to find out the real story about what's going on here.

Bruce Jay

Fort Lauderdale

Scratch the CRA, Find Some Dirt

It goes beyond the individual: The article "Sex and the CRA" may appear on the surface to be about an isolated incident and an individual (Bob Norman, November 1). Not so. In Hollywood, we are talking about a mayor and commission who have been bought and sold by development interests and have gathered vulnerable people around them to use in their quest to demolish and rebuild. The objective is to jack up the height and density, force the tax base through the roof, and clean up on sleazy incentive packages. Anyone who is weak is fair game for these bozos... the civic associations, the landlords, the Historical (Hysterical) Society, and the misinformed public, which has been counseled over and over again that "the city is on a firm financial foundation, and crime is way down." Program your platoon of zombies with bullshit and aim them at those annoying activists who keep digging up facts and asking questions!

Only in terminally ill and morally bankrupt Hollywood...

Asa Boynton


Time for the old clean sweep: Bob Norman continues to stick it to Hollywood — but it's not far enough up there yet for the state attorney to put this band of thieves behind bars! Neil Fritz is the perfect shill for Mayor Mara and her stinkers on the Hollywood Commission. An incompetent yes man — what more could they want?

To me, he has been criminally negligent with regard to the big money owed the CRA/Hollywood. Mayor Mara, as usual, has her thumb in this pie — you can be sure of that! It's time to get rid of all these vermin.

Stuart Hill


Art Becomes Us

Soon to be on a coffee table near you: Your New Times covers are consistently eye-catching, thought-provoking, and an emotional experience. They are worthy of compilation into a portfolio.

The October 4 cover effectively conveys the fear and mystery of Halloween, the evening before the celebration of All Saints Day. Once an evening of merry-making and pranks, Halloween has become the evening of goblins, witches, and horror entangled with pranks and mischief.

Looking forward to your next cover.

Leo Shatin

Boca Raton

And by the Way...

Those things I said about skinny people...: I am Billy from the "Fat Chance" (Amy Guthrie, October 4) article. I said something that I didn't mean to sound the way it did in my skinny bony toothpick remark. I am attracted to all types of men and have been with all types, big and small. But maybe my reference was more toward twinks — the way they gawk and stare or snicker at me in public. That is what my disappointment was geared toward. People make fun of us big guys. No one wants to give us a break if they see us at a gym trying to be better. Why is that? Not that it matters to me — I don't need your validation to walk outside my door. But I have friends who feel very intimidated by this. All I am saying is, show a little compassion.

Billy Parrella

Fort Lauderdale


The age of Hollywood's CRA director, Neil Fritz, was incorrect in last week's Bob Norman column, "Sex in the CRA." Fritz is 53.

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