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Letters for April 27-May 3, 2006

Honest Steve

Norman has a way with the truth: Finally! An article that exposes the citizens of Deerfield Beach to the truth ("A Long Political Squabble Over a Short Pier," Bob Norman, April 20).

At last, a factual account of the people and events that have polarized this city and placed it in turmoil. And most important, the real story on the attempt to ruin Steve Gonot. An honest man of integrity and character, Gonot is continually supported by respectable people who acknowledge the debt owed him. Keep up the brave work, Mr. Norman.



Gerry Brown

Deerfield Beach

Hands off Junior's jellybeans! I have lived here for 13 years, and our city manager, Larry Deetjen, seems to be out for himself in the way he looks to people. This is a true politician. He kisses your babies and at the same time takes the candy from their back pockets. Politics is such a game. I have to admit that Steve Gonot has sacrificed a lot for Deerfield City. I support him 100 percent.

Stu Davis

Deerfield Beach

Bad Ink

Some tattoos really are long-term: My grandson got a henna tattoo in Fort Myers Beach in March and has one mess on his arm from this thing, I am so mad that we were not told anything about people reacting to this most terrible PPD product. I do not understand how the FDA has not banned it from being used ("Dangerous Designs," Julia Reischel, March 23). I sure wish I had read your article before we visited Fort Myers Beach.

Cheryle Munn

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Juvenile Crapola

Give Nasty the door: I saw your "King Tit" article (March 23). Please don't run any more! We have been hearing about all the crappytopia crap for the past several years!

Some people just don't know when things have run their course, like wankers on the road magazine! I am one of the so-called motorcycle enthusiasts who has had to see this thing for the past few years. When a thing has run its course, let it go!

Jimmy Lyon

Via the Internet

Demos Don't Demo

The proof is on the dancefloor: In reference to the "WMG '06, Winter Music Guide" (March 16): I am surprised and disappointed with New Times for selecting the DJ for this region solely from the demos submitted. I browsed your website daily, looking for an announcement for some sort of spinoff [competition] between the top demos. A demo these days cannot be trusted to be a very accurate gauge of a DJ. Computer programs make it easy for novices or non-DJs to produce mixes with ease.

The way a DJ plays live is usually very different from the style in which demos are made. For example, when I play live, I have no "set" — the crowd directs me by its reaction. When a DJ and the crowd are together, that's when the magic happens, and you cannot see that on a demo. As for DJ energy: The great DJs sell it from the booth. It makes a big difference.

Another thing that separates the good from the excellent DJ is mastering. Bad volume control especially is something in which playing live separates the good from the excellent DJ.

The best test to see everything would have been for you to have had a spinoff at any larger venue that attracts clubbers and selected a winner based on performance and crowd response.

John Lowe

Miami Beach

Rave Rave

They wouldn't know good publicity if it bit them: Great article ("The Rave's Back, Baby," Deirdra Funcheon, March 2). I don't know why the club owner would be upset with you. You were totally even-handed and actually blamed the owner's woes on the City Council.

Martin Doheny

Hoboken, New Jersey


For the fourth year in a row, New Times Broward-Palm Beach has cleaned up in the Society for Professional Journalists' Green Eyeshade Awards in the weekly/monthly category. The contest includes entrants from the 11 Southeastern states. Staff Writer Jeff Stratton picked up a first place in nondeadline reporting for "Mr. Big Shot," and Wyatt Olson's exposé of United Auto Insurance, "The Bad-Hands People," won a first place in business reporting and a second place in investigative reporting. Bob Norman took second place for serious commentary, Trevor Aaronson took a third place in business reporting, and Gail Shepherd's humorous treatment of cruise cuisine earned a third place in criticism.

Get a Job, Already

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