Letters for December 21-27, 2006

Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me

Hollywood's giving them money for what?: Just add Neil (On the) Fritz to the growing list of jerky, incompetent Hollywood officials ("Spinning Straw," Tailpipe, December 7). Wow! $71 million for the Hollywood Art District — what a great use of taxpayer funds. Not!

At least we suckers, er, ah, taxpayers in Hollywood can feel confident about this "insider deal" run by Mayor Mara, her commissioner stooges and good 'ol "On the Fritz," when we hear Neil say: "Before I write them [the developers of HART] another check, I need to sit down and analyze everything." Neil, how do you "analyze" a barium enema? From the inside out, or what?



Harvey Slavin


Nailin' It

Jaco still lives!: Thank you for your research and interpretation of characters and events. You really nailed this story. Everyone needs to read it. The best article on Jaco I've read in decades ("Jaco Incorporated," Jeff Stratton, November 30)! Your perspective is refreshing and important. All those who love Jaco's music can see the truth in this story.

Bob Lyons

Deerfield Beach

They're All Murderers

What I understood from skimming the story: After reading about the sex offenders and how they are being treated, I don't feel that this is the Middle Ages or that we are living in Nazi Germany ("Not in My Bus Stop," Julia Reischel, November 30)! If a person like the one who murdered [9-year-old Citrus County resident] Jessica Lunsford isn't in prison, he should be for life! Then there would not be any need for a registry — problem solved. Also, are they planning to put Mark Foley on the registry?

Linda Clarke

Sparta, Michigan

Who You Callin' Tight?

There are pay-offs and there are pay-offs: Bob Norman says that he "doubts" that the Gulfstream Casino is paying out 90% on their slots ("The Tightest Slots in Town," November 30), yet he failed to examine Florida state rules that say: "Payouts must be posted on the casino wall." Nor did he see the 90% payout sign posted, as I did, on opening day. Secondly, Mr. Norman mentions a 92% payout at the Pequot Tribe's slots in Connecticut — but after paying air fare, meals, hotel room, and losing days to play a slot machine, guess which slots are the best value (and l-o-o-s-e-r).

The Broward County slots provide South Floridians jobs, construction and tourism, plus $50 of Mr. Norman's original $100 paid for Florida schools while 95% of Vegas slots pay for Nevada schools! Even though Broward Commissioner Rodstrom (with respect) says he'll go to a casino buffet or restaurant but not to our Broward slots, that's great as more money is made from the non-gaming part of casinos than the gaming. Mr. Norman was entertained for his $100, taxes were gotten, and local jobs were had because of his (and all of our) patronage, and that's a 100% payoff for South Florida and the entire state.

Stan Wertheimer


Thanks for Nothing

Starting with the headline...: I want to thank Brandon K. Thorp for covering Burning Blue ("Discrimination Sucks Out Loud," November 23). I'm glad that we are getting the publicity that other smaller professional productions don't usually get.

With that said, while I do agree with most of your review (the technical aspects were garish at best in Act One), I do not appreciate the sadistic, scathing tone in which the negativity was written. I think to call us "daft bastards" was uncalled for, and even though it sounds like you were making a joke from a war movie, I feel it was bad taste on your part to put that in print.

Yes, projection is and will be an issue, but the fact that you slung a harsh epithet at us makes me feel that you didn't really care about the production at all, therefore, why did you see it in the first place? While it is good to express one's opinion, I don't think it's right to be totally insulting, to say this "sucks out loud!" And while I am speaking from a biased position and do find humor in negative critiques, I find it disturbing that one has to harp telling people how untalented we are. All in all, as a reader I found your review to be uninformative and demeaning to all parties involved!

Kevin Johnson

Fort Lauderdale

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