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Letters for December 28, 2006-January 3, 2007

Small-town Lament

The Jenne mob moved in: As I sit back and read "Cuckoo for Coconuts" (Bob Norman, December 21), I think of three things, and each is very sad:

1) "Civil Servant": Mayor Oliver Parker and Ken Jenne should look this up and remember who they really are. Whether it's suppressing fires or knocking down coconuts to prevent them from becoming projectiles in a storm, we are all here to serve the community, our neighbors, and our friends.



2) Camaraderie: For years, career firefighters and volunteers have co-existed all over the world. We've operated as friends, mentors, teammates, teachers, and resources for each other. Is it worth losing that synergy and teamwork so that a few high-end officials can make some extra money that they don't even need?

3) Community: While it may cause stress and frustration for volunteers and career firefighters, the ultimate loss is suffered by the community. The wonderful, friendly town that is Lauderdale-by-the-Sea and the friendly people in it are now marred by an unnecessary controversy. The residents of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea spoke and the resolution passed to keep the volunteers to provide fire-suppression service in town. When that occurred, there was no talk of a petition to recount, recant, or recall that resolution.

Ryan Johnson


The little guys strike back: Just watch the sequel as this continues to unfold. The recall petitions have been handed in to the town clerk and from there to Brenda Snipes (with copies to Mayor Parker, I'm sure) to continue the process. The recall will oust the man, and the term limits are retroactive, so he'll be excluded from the 2008 elections too.

My only comment on the statements by Parker is that, if he believes in the electorate, support the recall and prove how much he's loved and respected for his leadership and actions today.

Thanks for taking the time and effort the article must have demanded for you to get such a clear and detailed overview of this little beach town's riot in progress.

Bill Hubly


When Fish Get Fishy

Was it really rotten to the sole? My wish is that your restaurant review critic would have left [at home] the huge chip that she had on her shoulder at the door ("To the N9Nzzzzzzzzz," Gail Shepherd, December 21). She was angry before she entered, and she let it run through her — viciously, I might add. She started the article talking about so much angry gibberish that even I, one who wanted to get to the review, had to take an anger break.

Even when making a remark about very good food, she had to ruin it with a snide and vicious comment that helps no one. Then she goes on to talk about her feelings on bouillabaisse. "Bouillabaisse, as we well know, is all too often Chef's way of practicing kitchen economy." Since she is such an expert on food and bouillabaisse, with more than 15 other things to order on the menu, plus daily specials, why not do so?

I'm not even going to start in with the lemon sole that she ordered, because we have lobster, shrimp, scallops, clams, mussels, mahi-mahi, salmon, and tilapia as well as chicken, lamb, duck, filet mignon, New York Strip, and Porterhouse pork chops. Maybe the taste of the sole wasn't to her liking... because it wasn't sole!

This was an angry, malicious review that served no purpose except to hurt.

Randy Mouallem

The N9Nz Restaurant and Bar

Boca Raton

Editor's note: Lemon sole was the "fish of the day" (even noted on the receipt). Gail Shepherd adds: "I never go to a restaurant with an 'attitude,' though it's all too easy to acquire one quickly enough over a sorry meal." Spoiled fish "would put a chip on anybody's shoulder, I think."

Achtung, Mofo!

We goose-step all the way to the bank: The mood of this article seems to have been written with aloofness, if not actual glee ("Not in My Bus Stop," Julia Reischel, November 30). The misfortune of others really makes for profitable news publishing, doesn't it?

You would have made good Nazi journalists in Germany. Imagine the joy you could have had writing about the misfortune of people being sent to the concentration camps. "The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation." — Mein Kampf.

Dee Medaso


It's a Plan

Handouts for developers? Way cool: Hooray for Frankensteinwood!

Downtown is being destroyed with hideous condos, and the Community Redevelopment Agency confiscates city taxes from new development within its bounds, leveraging millions in loans for incentives funneled to developers recruited by Koslow/Orshefski lobbyists ("Hooray for Hollywood," Thomas Francis, November 16). Are there kickbacks? Yes, at the least through multiple campaign contributions to perpetuate the ongoing scams. Sadly, every CRA tax dollar confiscated costs the city (us!) $1.50 to provide the services. Because cash incentives were attacked by activists, tax kickbacks were initiated: Forget paying off loans. This is expensive financial subterfuge. The CRA has become the mayor's personal cash cow. Yes, Hollywood has again given birth to Frankenstein.

Howard Sher


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