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Letters for February 9–15, 2006

Bad Boys

Kids will be kids, then and now: Bob Norman's "Stupid (Young) White Men" (February 2) is nothing short of a psychiatrist's "Dream Project." In Huxley's novel Brave New World, the drug of choice was "Soma." Today, the drug Xanax, along with hundreds of other drugs streaming across our TVs, would have us talking to our doctors 12 hours a day.

I must commend your honesty and forthcoming experiences regarding drug use in your early years. From the ages of 10 to 15, I was a pyromaniac! In the 1950s, large blocks of homes were being leveled in my hometown of Astoria, New York. Several friends and I rolled up the Daily News into temporary torches. We climbed to the second-floor of an empty house and found several locations containing flammable materials. We had a field day!



There were no other homes within a thousand feet. When we were three blocks away, we looked back and saw the orange glow completely engulfing the second floor. Fire engines were coming from all directions with their horns screaming in the wind. It was glorious! The only guilt I carried for some time was that maybe, just maybe, we had diverted emergency personnel away from a possible life-threatening fire somewhere else in the neighborhood.

My first experience with marijuana was in my early 30s. I was a scaredy cat. The kids, 6 and 4 years old, were tucked peacefully in their beds. My wife and I began our first experience with a joint. It was 30 years ago, and I remember the sensations as if it were last night.

We were playing Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, and all of a sudden, we locked lips and started making out like there was no tomorrow! She was and still is an extremely beautiful woman. Kissing her on the lips was different this time. I didn't want to stop. There were just oceans and oceans of lips as far as the eye could see, and all I wanted to do was explore miles of them.

Quite frankly, the only real joy I had with pot was sex and music. (The louder the later, the better!) So I appreciate your honesty and candor, warping me back through four decades of time. I do not condone the usage of controlled substances. Your article has allowed me to reaffirm I did the wrong thing at the right time. It was in my own home with the one I loved and was a virgin experience never to be completely reproduced.

Thanks for the memories!

John Garon


Makin' Love in Vegas?

Peace is a tough, lonely business: I could be wrong, but I believe that "Peacewalker" was on the show Cops a few weeks ago ("Yellow Brick Highway," Tailpipe, February 2). He was the one in the fast-food restaurant, naked, physically hitting customers, though it was only 'cause he was tired from his long peace walk. Not sure what city he was in when this happened. Peacewalker, yeah, he's a crazy white boy! Probably in the Dade Stockade by now, hopefully just spreadin' his good word.

Marty Obrein

Via the Internet

Editor's note: Peacewalker did mention a dimly recalled episode in Las Vegas...

Doggies Inc.

Nacho was one sick puppy: In your article "Puppy Love" (Julia Reischel, January 26), you made me sound like a rich idiot. I am not suing Wizard of Claws because my dog weighs two ounces more than three pounds. This summer, Nacho was three ounces away from being four pounds. He is not a teacup anymore.

Nacho was so sick that he almost died. If I would not have been able to spend the money on the vet bills, I don't know what would have happened to him. I spent three months nursing him night and day. Luckily, I am not working and have time. When Nacho got so sick, I turned suspicious. I found [records of] his auction on PBT Marketplace, where he was sold for $680, with the puppy broker writing in the description that she fed him with "cat food." It is dangerous to feed cat food to a puppy. He was born in Oklahoma, shipped to Missouri to the puppy broker, and the puppy broker auctioned him on PBT Marketplace. Jim won the auction, and he was shipped to Florida. The trip was two days in a truck.

On top of that, I got giardia [a parasite] from my puppy. I ended up spending three weeks on antibiotics.

For the record, I am not saying that Wizard of Claws is a puppy mill, but their dogs are coming from puppy mills. I am a true animal lover. I respect animals and feel compassion for them. I feel totally fooled by the Andersons. I was ignorant about pet stores, and selfishly I wanted a "healthy dog" because mine had just passed away. This whole story changed my vision, and I now support Chihuahua Toy Breed Rescue and Retirement and hope to make a little difference.

Vanessa Bosse

Sunny Isles

The Yellow Sheet

We just met a gal named M-Mara: If you follow Mara Giulianti through the years, you will find that she possess an arrogance of power second to none ("The Mayor's New Digs," Trevor Aaronson, January 19). One example was in 1988, when she orchestrated the purchase of the funeral home that is now the Art and Cultural Center.

The Foster brothers [owners of the property] were friends and supporters and benefited to the tune of more than $1 million, which was substantially more than the market value. There was also the tearing down of all the buildings where La Piazza now stands on Young Circle. The property was off the tax rolls for 11 years, and she blamed Commissioner Sal Oliveri for it when he was mayor.

Keep up the good work. In 1990, we ousted her but unfortunately put the wrong person in to replace her. Hopefully the voters will start to see the corruption in Hollywood and change it next election.

Jim Stoodley



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