Letters for January 11-17, 2007

Bring Tissues

She softens up the hardboiled: I wanted to let you know that your item on The Syringa Tree was on the money ("Hey Jessica Simpson — Take Notes!" Night & Day, January 4). As a Carbonell Award voter, I saw about 50 plays/musicals last year, so I am a tough sell — I was sobbing at the end of the show. She [actress Tamara Flannagan] does a great, great job with it.

Savannah Whaley



Pierson Grant Public Relations

Fort Lauderdale

The Dirty 13

So where's Mara on your little list? Any list not including "Mayor Mara" of Hollywood as one of the Ten Most Corrupt people/politicians in Broward/Palm Beach counties is an incomplete list, at best ("The Dirty Dozen of 2006," December 28).

Although conflicts of interest abound around her corrupt, evil ways of conducting "business" in Hollywood, she remains a "Wizard of Oz" of sorts — hiding behind a curtain of secrecy between herself, the "give me a few million" developers she covets, attorney Alan Koslow, and phony-baloney "city planner" Mr. Zyscovich.

After reading so many articles and mentions of her corrupt ways in Tailpipe and elsewhere in New Times, I figured Mayor Mara would top the list. A lock at number one! In fact, she makes the other bums listed seem like Mother Teresa!

Harvey Slavin


A Funny Thing Happened

Those New Vista guys know what they're doing: We had to write in to comment on your great story about A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum ("Avi Hoffman's My Daddy," Brandon K. Thorp, December 28).What an outstanding show, and remarkable entertainers.

Jane and George Marlin


Royko Lives

From the Lauderdale trenches: I wanted to thank you for your great article on Lauderdale-by-the-Sea — it helps our fight. We needed that outside look ("Cuckoo for Coconuts," Bob Norman, December 21).

I grew up in Chicago and was an avid reader of Mike Royko. You remind me of how he clearly and humorously made his points. So you got it and kept it, a gift.

This story is a long way from over. The Volunteer Fire Department, through its attorneys, is filing a lawsuit against the Broward Sheriff's Office. But you made the Volunteer Fire Department and the vast majority of the town's residents' day brighter.

Jim Silverstone


Bling Bang

A bad-hair flick? In reference to Robert Wilonsky's review of the film The Pursuit of Happyness, "Rich Man, Poor Man" (December 14): The most disturbing thing about the Chris Gardner story is that the man seems to have learned nothing from his experience. He still thinks that having it all means having lotsa bling. It can all be lost tomorrow. He should put his mind and talents into something more lasting and of benefit to the world than acquiring material goods. As for the movie, the nasty-looking 'fro on Will's head in the previews is enough to keep me away.

Barbra Chaulk

Augusta, Georgia

Self-Inflicted Backstabbing

Mel the malcontent: Thanks for J. Hoberman's good, effective review of a crappy, run-of-the-Mel film, Apocalypto ("Mel Gibson Is Responsible for All the Wars in the World," December 7). Gibson should just get on with it and create a modernized take on the Nazis and their Jewish Solution. What an asshole. I've lost all respect for him, as he too now lies in the alley, knife in his back, along with once-admirable traits — good taste, class, style, savoir-faire, and joie de vivre. The only difference is he put himself there.

Ernie Sandoval


Index Finger Expression

Hollywood's going nowhere fast: Sorry, sir, the only people enjoying an economic infusion in Marawood are the developers, lobbyists, and underhanded dealmakers (Letters, November 30). Let's face it, the CRA constructs are broke, and Gollywood is zooming ahead into bankruptcy. The neighbors in the neighborhoods still live on darkened, crime-ridden streets, thanks to faulty leadership and corruption. It hurts to hear the truth, and Tom Francis may well win awards for his very well-documented and -researched article ("Hooray for Hollywood," November 16), especially when the other scandals that are brewing hit the papers.

Francis is not on the city payroll, and Giulianti no longer has the credibility to get reporters fired, as she has so many times in the past. She has blown her image, and Hollywood is getting to look just like any other overdeveloped hellhole. Take a drive around the downtown area sometime and see the tacky mess that only greed could create. And, oh yes, don't forget the impending election in March 2008. The residents are already warming up their touch-screen fingers to get rid of the problem.

Asa Boynton


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