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Letters for January 12-18, 2006

Devil Take Him

Gil's no apostle: I grew up with Dickie Robertson ("Muscles, Murder, & a Messiah," Trevor Aaronson, January 5); we were the LF Boys (Lake Forest). And this freak Gil Fernandez did a little more then just shoot three kids in the back of the head. Fernandez will meet his maker, and I assure you it won't be God. This guy is going straight to hell. To portray him as Paul is absurd.

Maybe you should be telling the story of three kids who grew up playing little league baseball. Or of Dickie, who had a lazy eye but could make you laugh until it hurt with his funny demeanor. I mean, out of all our friends, Dickie was one of the best.



Timmy (last name withheld by request)

Cooper City

Sticky Palmistry

It's just the Gypsy in his soul: I just read Bob Norman's January 5 story on Jack Makler ("Gypsies, Cops, and Thieves"). Another good job. Way to go. Norman has become the print media Gypsy guru.

John McMahon

Via the Internet

PAID in Full

The way they do business in the water biz: Bob Norman's excellent article exposed the rampant political irregularities at Plantation Acres Improvement District (PAID), and I commend District Manager Lee Hillier for putting the taxpayers' interests ahead of his own ("Business on the Edge," December 29). The administrator does a great job but could serve us better if Supervisors Adams and Davis didn't interfere. So much for open government. I sent a public records request over two weeks ago; I asked to inspect the records taken by Adams and Davis.

Most national polls rank politicians lowest for institutional trust, and PAID's self-serving good ol' boys prove that. Plantation Acres residents are ripped off as needed equipment, connected swales, and expected services are lacking to protect us from a Hurricane Irene or Wilma or a New Orleans-style flood. I pay taxes and a lot more for storm debris removal, so politicians should pay their own bills and quit sticking the taxpayers (us) with the tab.

Mary Coté


Dad Was Maligned

Standing up for the chief: I am sure Tailpipe gets numerous e-mails a day about how hilarious of a person he is and how fabulous his stories are. Unfortunately, today might not be such a good day. This letter is to let you know that I feel your little "story" on Andrew Scott is disgusting ("2005's Egregious Eleven," December 29). Andrew Scott is my father, and I am extremely proud of him. The way that you wrote about him was in poor taste. Not only did you make him look horrible but you threw in a few things that are untrue and would be considered slander. My father was never accused of sexual harassment.

I do, however, recall reading an article saying that he was being accused of having a hostile work environment due to the fact that he called some girls "sweetie" and "good lookin'." To be completely honest, I am sure the girls who wrote in and accused my father of a hostile work environment were probably not even good-looking girls. They were probably homely, butch females, and someone finally felt bad for them and said they were good-lookin', possibly to boost their ego. My father and a number of male friends that I know refer to young women as "sweetie." I have never heard of a person taking offense to that. What it is, is pathetic, and these "women" are trying to get their name in the paper.

The statement in your article that read, "Under heavy public pressure, he stepped down in November." Not the case at all. The public absolutely loves him! Of the two rallies that were held, one for him and one against him, I do believe that there were 50-plus people who attended the rally supporting my father and only a handful attending the rally against him. He stepped down because he was offered job opportunities that were "more financially attractive."

I must say that you are not fit to be a writer. I feel that if someone is reporting a story, he or she should get the whole story, from all sides, and write an article with an unbiased approach. Your story was untrue, unfair, and disgusting. I have lost all respect for the police officers of Boca Raton. They are nothing but a group of whining children. The older police officers and veterans are the ones with respect in my book. The new, younger ones are deplorable. I have met and befriended many cops through my years at different police departments, and almost every single one of them is a spoiled, whining brat.

Caitlin Scott

Boca Raton

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