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Letters for January 18-24, 2007

Letters From the Edge

A world without Slavin: I learned the name Harvey Slavin (letters, January 11) two years ago when he attacked my letter that I sent in response to your jai alai article. Harvey had never even been to Dania Jai-Alai; he "imagined it would be great fun." Since then, I've read many more letters from the ignoramus Harvey Slavin. It's time to finally silence "old yeller."

Marc Smilen



Dania Beach

Watch out for that RICO guy: I'm envious of Harvey Slavin and Asa Boynton (letters, January 11). They get published more than anybody. What do they have that the rest of us mayor-bashers don't have except candor, wittiness, insight, and Asa's good looks? We mere mortals may get long-winded and tend to ramble, but we should be able to express our dislike for Mayor Mara and her hearty band of real estate pirates also, even if edited.

I do like Bob Norman's poison-but-honorable pen approach and enjoy Tom Francis' fresh-out-of-the-mouths-of-babes articles. And I respectfully request that one of them investigate my theory that if a developer does not go through Alan Koslow, Bernie Friedman, Steve Geller, Ken Gottlieb, Cynthia Berman Miller, or Steve Berman (the Hollywood Cartel), their calls are not returned and they are not considered for developments.

I believe these individuals, along with the CRA, Mayor Mara, and her creation, the Hollywood Round Table, are in violation of the RICO Act.

Angela Jackson


Cool Your Jets

A star fell on Alabama: I saw your article on Nick Saban's phone call to Pat Riley and comment about traditional values and Alabama ("Runaway Coaches," Bob Norman, January 11). Right below it, I see the article on racist remarks and actions in Fort Lauderdale ("Racism Central," Bob Norman, December 28).

See any irony here? Stereotypes, regardless if they are in Miami or Alabama, are dangerous. Some people in Fort Lauderdale may make fun of Alabamians' being racist, then ignore it when it is in their own community.

Most welcome Coach Saban in Alabama because we need a leader as our head coach. [Miami] people have trashed Saban for leaving, and we have also been through the same thing when Dennis Franchione left Alabama to be the Texas A&M head coach. It hurts when someone says, "I do not want to be here; I would rather be somewhere else." Especially when you feel like you live in the best place on Earth.

Let it go. The Dolphins will be fine, and Alabama will be fine, because they are both programs that are bigger than one man. Don Shula should take his own advice and not talk so much. If he thought his little boy was such a great coach and was treated unfairly, maybe the Dolphins could save the jet fuel going to Costa Rica and hire Mike Shula for the head coach of the Dolphins.

Name withheld by request

Montgomery, Alabama

Night & Day, You Are the One

We give it that special razzle-dazzle: I enjoyed your stories on Unity of Delray Beach's Burning Bowl Ceremony and the Parrots movie ("Burn Your Bills," December 28 & "Polly Wanna Corner Office?" Night and Day, January 4). Lively, interesting, and fun — sure to intrigue all readers. Well done!

Brenda Robinson, Unity of Delray Beach

Delray Beach

That Mara in the Window

She left just an empty space: I live in downtown Hollywood, so I walk past all the projects Mayor Mara ("The One That Got Away," Bob Norman, November 23) helped fund. I also stroll down Hollywood Boulevard and gaze at the portraits hanging in the front window of a local photo studio.

For the longest time, I wondered why the studio owner prominently displayed a portrait of Mayor Mara in his front window. Apparently, she had her hair glazed prior to the shoot. She was also depicted holding a gavel, not a shovel to dole out bucks to powerful, connected developers.

Recently, though, I was pleasantly surprised. Mara's portrait no longer appeared in the display window. I hope this redesign brings the downtown business owner more business. I also wonder: Is the missing portrait a sign of the times as the next mayoral election nears?

Steve Schneider


Summers' Heat

She knows a Picasso from her elbow: A rock 'n' roller who quotes Paul Klee (Artbeat, Marya Summers, November 9)! Thanks for that nice mention in your review of the show. There's a lot of music in my work.

Peter Bocour

Via the Internet

Let this woman go free: Brilliance is brilliant only if you let it come through unfettered. Summers is no exception. Keep the real writing coming.

Michelle Warner

Coral Springs

Kind Words

You like me! You really like me: Regarding Brandon K. Thorp's review of the play All the Great Books ("Of Pigs With Lipstick," October 19): Now that the play has closed, I would like to thank Thorp for his review. It's refreshing to find a reviewer who can separate the various elements brought to a production and articulate them. Thorp obviously hated the script (just like the authors hate Beowulf), but he was very kind to my direction and obviously recognized the skills of the three actors whom I had the pleasure to work with for the past three months. And his writing made the review a lot of fun to read. We loved it, and many of my friends and colleagues loved it as well. I look forward to reading his reviews every week in New Times.

Jerry K. Jensen, Director

All the Great Books

Hallandale Beach


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