Letters for January 4, 2007

Love Sponge Nation

All the church-going Bubba fans are really upset: Unfortunately, after having read this article, it is clear that you have a few of your so-called "facts" a bit twisted and biased concerning Bubba the Love Sponge ("The Dirty Dozen of 2006," December 28).

First and foremost, Bubba does not broadcast on "cable radio"; he is on satellite radio. You did at least make the point of stating "allegedly" assaulted, but Brooke Skye was a willing participant. After having read her formal complaint, filed through the legal system, she has no legal grounds with which to work, since she signed release papers. After having been told she would be "thrown out" of the studio and not have her porn site's web address mentioned on-air, she chose to stay and participate in whatever took place.



No one physically held her there against her own free will. She had been on his show twice before that "incident," so she knew the sort of things that happen. Various claims that she states in her formal complaint are clearly debunked by her very own website (pictures that she is clearly a part of).

And finally, the caricature depicting Bubba talking into a penis is not what I would call appropriate for your particular form of media. I can imagine that there will be numerous complaints (regardless of whether people like him or not) from family-friendly organizations, churches, and parents concerning that drawing.

In short, I feel that your journalistic integrity and credibility are extremely low and that you should have all the facts before publishing something about someone. Thank you, and good day.

Name withheld by request

Chatsworth, Georgia

How low can we go? Your blurb about Bubba the Love Sponge sucked. The cartoon of Bubba sucked. How do you condemn someone in the article for outrageous behavior with a porn star and then [publish] the cartoon showing a dildo/penis?

George O'Connell

Akron, Ohio

We're depraved on accounta we're deprived: Are you really as stupid as you seem? Oh yeah, that's probably why you're writing for some shitty local news rag down in Broward. Enjoy your life, loser.

G. Lasker

Portland, Oregon

She's a whore, so anything goes. Get with it, stupid: Brooke Skye is no little princess. She's an Internet "porn" star. She does sex acts on the Net for money. That makes her a whore, in my opinion. Mr. Love Sponge only had her do things she normally gets paid for. Furthermore, her web hits increased since that day tenfold; therefore, I believe she was paid for what she did. Please check your facts before printing such trash. And as for the picture, we would love to see one of you.

David Lee Ralph

Los Angeles

I listen to Bubba the Love Sponge because, unlike New Times, he's so civilized: How can you allow the picture of a penis to be used? That is foul and disgusting. As a matter of fact, your article in itself turns my stomach. Your "rag" should be thrown off the Internet! Shame on you!

Chris Flint

Tucson, Arizona

He's a nice guy. Honest! I consider myself a sensible man who enjoys the ribald, and yes, I listen to the Bubba the Love Sponge show, and yes, I do sometimes feel he goes over the line. But this incident with Brooke Skye was not one of them.

I see Skye as an opportunist who felt she could take the slightest thing and turn it around to pick the pockets of the show's host, the channel's namesake (Howard Stern), and the Sirius corporation itself. Even though I realize it is perhaps not in line with politically correct thinking of the time, I don't see her as a victim in this instance.

Your shameful upholding of Skye as some sort of saint who was done wrong by a slobbering goon as you portray Bubba in your crass cartoon is despicable. You shame journalists with your biased, crass ignorance.

Brett Hickman

Static Multimedia

Grayslake, Illinois

Editor's note: Cable radio? Oops, editing error. Tasteless? Maybe. But Bubba's defenders should look at the video. What's so tasteful about a middle-aged fat guy playing barker at a live sex show?

He Deserved Better

Family feud stopped being funny: I just read Jeff Stratton's story about the Jaco Pastorius family situation ("Jaco Incorporated," November 30). From my personal experience and from what I've learned recently about the "family feud," I totally agree with your vision and your description of the present situation.

What a terrible waste of energy and a dishonor to a great artist. Things like this give the USA a bad name.

Stan Kuiperi

Via the Internet

Neanderthal Politics

What's in it for him? Of course Lauderdale-by-the-Sea has a mouth-breathing, subhuman, Neanderthal for a mayor ("Cuckoo for Coconuts," Bob Norman, December 21). They elected him, after all.

Apparently, the town's Volunteer Fire Department, 70 strong, has an ax to grind with Mayor Oliver Parker — preferably across his fat neck. What's nuts — but typical of South Florida locales — is the huge waste Parker was willing to allocate. Waste of money, that is — to bring in the Gestapo, er, Ken Jenne and the BSO rather than properly train the city's Volunteer Fire Department. He could have saved about half the expense!

The real questions are: Why did he do it? What's in it for him? Why is his political career over? Why are all of these self-righteous small-time Republican pols such assholes?

Harvey Slavin


Lynxes Never Forget

The man who declawed me...: What Steve Burk needs is a good bite ("Off the Leash," Jeff Stratton, November 2)! Chances are his wild cat will not forget who stole his toes!

John Winston

Hillsboro Beach

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