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Letters for July 20-27, 2006

A Human Reaction

Grief veered way past the extreme for Carlos: Thank you for your excellent article on Carlos Arredondo ("Matchhead," Sam Eifling, July 13). He is a man in extreme grief trying to cope with the loss of his precious son in this illegal war. I thought your article painted a very human picture of a tragic situation.

The South Florida Peace and Justice Network will host the Arredondos during their South Florida speaking tour in October/November.We are honored that they will be with us.



Lori Russell, CodePink South Florida

Coral Springs

Cast That Net

When your citizens get sick, you're supposed to do something about it: It occurs to me that tests are not being done on the appropriate contaminants nor at the appropriate levels ("The Dirt on Dania," Jeff Stratton, July 13). Some of the toxins used in the 1970s remain dangerous at vanishingly small concentrations. What are the dioxin levels used to evaluate groundwater contamination? The DDT levels? What about levels of radioactive isotopes? Were these compounds and/or isotopes measured, and if so, at what level of sensitivity? When the industrial source of contamination is unknown, as it is in this case, a very broad and very fine net must be cast.

Mike Sartin

Dania Beach

I See, uh, Choices!

The crystal ball gets a little fuzzy sometimes: It is so sad that this person claiming to be a psychic did this to anyone ("Psych Job," Bob Norman, July 13). As we know, there are people in any field who can be dishonest. It also makes it bad for the rest of us. Yes, I do psychic readings. I have let it go for awhile. Why? Because people that I meet expect it for free. They say, "It's a gift from God, and it should be given away freely." Yes, it is a gift. So is the talent of a singer, an artist, and a reporter. Anything that we do well is a gift from God. It takes time and patience to develop, through prayer and meditation, what I call our intuitive nature.

Remember this: We make choices about whom we will be allow to hurt us or whom we will allow to love us. We can prevent certain events from happening when we allow our intuition to work for our highest good.

Gail Fein


What do you have against swamis? Bob Norman is clearly anti-psychic. What he is not telling us is, where is the proof? I have meet Regina and have asked her about her past. She is not related to the Gypsy families. It seems Norman has an ax to grind. What I find appalling about his writing is that he can't back up his statements. Mug shot? Where is it?

As a client of Regina's, I can tell you I have paid her only once — $80. Since then, she has been there, always available. Not thousands, but $80! I am not sure who is giving her thousands, but they have bigger problems. People who visit psychics are usually people who have tried therapy and other avenues with no success.

Any way you cut psychics, they are entertainment. If someone turns over his or her life savings, shame on him or her. Shame on this reporter for not doing his thorough research.

Suzi Kay

Fort Lauderdale

Norman does what reporters are supposed to do: It's rare indeed to see a writer call a fake a fake. Bob Norman has done just this, giving the truth about "Regina Milbourne" or "Gina Marie Marks," whichever ID she prefers to use at the moment. Kudos to Norman and to New Times!

James Randi

Fort Lauderdale

It's the Taxes, Stupid

Forget about the mob: The higher the cost of living goes in South Florida, the more miserable will be the people of Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton ("Mayor Al's Shady Pal," Bob Norman, July 6). Mayor Al Capellini is not doing anything about the tax increases in Deerfield Beach. For that, he has to resign.

Izzet Oubari

Deerfield Beach

The progeny of Sam: Who is Sam? The story doesn't contain any real proof that the mayor or Sam Frontera are involved in anything illegal. Instead, the author relies on the background of Frontera to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the current endeavor.

I do not know any of the people included in the article and as such am an objective reader. I was disappointed in the article and feel that it is an example of tabloid journalism.

Jerry Crist

Houston, Texas

How Else Would We Know?

Identity is priceless, 'Pipe man: With interest and surprise, I just read the article on the 100-plus different license plates Florida issues ("The License Plate Gambit," Tailpipe, July 6). The article basically said it was a waste because so many of the unusual plates do not sell enough to "break even."

The author really needs to "think outside the box." There are individuals out here who are proud of something they accomplished and want to flaunt it wherever they go. Before most of your readers were born, I was on the Air Force Combat Control Team. To make it, I had to be transferred to the Army for my paratrooper training and did so successfully. I may have paid an extra $25 or so for my paratrooper plate, but I would have gladly paid $500.

Chuck Schweitzer

Fort Lauderdale

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