Letters for June 29–July 5, 2006

Supersized McChump

If it's big, they love it: Trevor Aaronson's June 22 article, "Chump Tower," is a masterpiece that gets right to the heart of "golden calfism" in South Florida. I should know: I live in Holly-Mara-Wood, where the locals are supposed to shut up about trivial concerns such as street crime, a dysfunctional police department, neighborhoods that are swathed in darkness and jumping with drug dealers, few sidewalks, alleyways that are falling apart, and on forever while our "let them eat cake" administration bows down to Baal or McDonald Chump or Zyscovich or whatever misbegotten "rainmaker" strolls into town.

Asa Boynton




The candor man: I loved Trevor Aaronson's candid frankness. How refreshing — and a great concept to read something so direct in this South Florida world of fakeness and wannabes.

The article was researched, interesting, and insightful. I hope individuals will see through and unveil all the clever marketing schemes behind all this phoniness. Keep up the good writing!

V. Snyder

Via the Internet

Straight from the caviar-eater's heart: I usually do not respond to such articles, but the sheer one-sided story you recently published regarding the Trump International Project truly gets under my skin.

First of all, if you know anything at all about real estate and how commission is paid to a realtor, in order for any realtor to generate a "six-figure commission," he would have to sell a $5.5 million condo, not a $2 million as you portrayed in your article. When was the last time you called someone in any business and generated a $5.5 million sale? If you did, you should be compensated accordingly. That's business and what drives nonsalaried sales professionals.

A buyers market, which we are now in, is opportunity, not a crisis, as you and other minor-league "writers" seem to want to scare the public into believing.

Trump's presence on Fort Lauderdale Beach is part of a revitalization of not a pile of dirt but a city, from the sleepy portside town into an international destination. So perhaps you may like peanut butter and jelly and drinking beer from a can wrapped in a paper bag, but many people like caviar. Building a world-class beachfront takes money and lots of it. Trump does know more than you do; that's why he's Trump and you're who? Regardless of his net worth, whatever the number may or may not be, Trump has built, and rebuilt, himself into one of the most recognizable corporate figures in the world.

After reading your article, it's obvious you'd never make it in the boardroom. Trump himself should have the honor of uttering his famous words, "Trevor, you're fired!"

Rick Maniuszko

Fort Lauderdale

The Mayor Needs a Babysitter

Crimes that anyone can witness: "For Sale: Keys to the City" (Bob Norman, June 1) was incredible reading and a much-needed investigation into the City of Deerfield Beach. Finally, a newspaper that will get to the heart of the matter. I will be reading New Times forever. Don't stop here. I suggest all residents visit all City Hall meetings to witness what is reported in your article. It's all visible to see. We should be paying attention to our families, but instead I feel we must be babysitting our mayor and city manager. You rock, New Times.

Terri Rasmussen

Deerfield Beach

Mom-and-Pop Courage

Could you match Nicole's parents? I would like to praise the courage of both the parents and New Times in printing the story about the transsexual boy ("See Dick Be Jane," Julia Reischel, May 18). Most of the transsexual people I know knew that they were different early on, and it makes life a lot easier for the child if the parents recognize it. I asked my husband on the way out the door what we would have done in the same situation, and he said I could only hope to be as sensible and humane as Nicole's parents.

Allegra Sloman

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Be yourself, my cherie: A few years ago, I saw the movie Ma Vie En Rose, which is all about this little boy who wants to be a girl. The parents go to great extremes to drill this out of him, at times punishing him when they catch him in a neighbor's house trying on this girl's dress. Then one day, they come home and they can't find him. They eventually find the kid trying to kill himself in their large freezer. I suppose like anything, you can discourage certain behaviors, but at the end of the day, would you rather have a gender-variant daughter or a dead son?

Sherwin Tjia

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Women don't do "hearty": While I was glad to read about Nicole's story and that her realization of her "true" gender is being recognized, I was disturbed by the author's use of some terms ("See Dick Be Jane," Julia Reischel, May 18). One sentence in particular: "Through Schultz, the Andersons met Heather Wright, a jovial and frank male-to-female transsexual with a hearty handshake..." Is it completely necessary to refer to a male-to-female transsexual as both jovial and frank (general masculine traits) as well as having a "hearty handshake"? I think we got the picture when we were told Heather was transgendered; you don't have to pound it in.

Courtney MacIntyre

Indianapolis, Indiana


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