Letters for March 1-7, 2007

High School Homicidal

I've seen this war up close: I am glad to see that someone has finally decided to expose the corruption that plagues my hometown of Pompano Beach ("Dead End," Bob Norman, February 15). The so-called "war" you refer to has been going on since I was in elementary school and escalated throughout my high school career. I am currently in my third year of college. It saddens me to see that people have not and refuse to grow up and let go of these asinine ethnic divisions. All we are doing, as blacks in general, is setting ourselves back by leaps and bounds. As a first-generation Haitian-American college student, I vividly remember the days of my youth, being plagued with the same nonsensical rumors about Haitians. I do not see this ending anytime soon. County and city officials are not doing their jobs and do not care because it is not Parkland or Boca Raton's "elite" children shooting each other.

I really did resent your statement about the "absence of Haitian leaders in the room." If they are unaware of the steps being taken to rectify the problems in their community, can they really be blamed? Has anyone ever taken the opportunity or time to seek any of them out and solicit their aide? It is not as if they do not know about the deaths of these children. It is not as if they do not want the violence to end. Believe me, they talk about it on the Haitian radio stations, and it is preached from the pulpit of every Haitian church.



Natasha Cherlouis

Pompano Beach

Ren and Shrimpy

The little ones deserve straining bodices too: Dear Jaime (the 4-year-old in the group): I am one of the court performers an the Florida Renaissance Festival for six years now ("Booze and Theatre," Brandon K. Thorp, February 22). I walk around in a heavy gown in the heat so you can see what kings and queens looked like during the year 1507, and I do it for the joy it gives me to see the look on your face when I speak to you or give you a silk flower in my court colors. I am about to express my own opinion of your sad day. I am very sorry you had to attend the Florida Renaissance Festival with adults who were obviously more concerned with drinking their time away than showing you the great time you could have had! The Ren-Fest is specifically designed around good family entertainment (with a bit of ribaldry) that includes accurate historical information about the times, given in a way that is not preachy or teachy but just darned-good fun! Next time, I suggest you ditch your regular escort in favor of our popular schoolday and come with your own classmates and teacher or bring your grandparents; fairy dust to funnel cakes, they will be more fun to be with than those you have had!

Laura Phillips

Boca Raton

Palm Beach Idol

Who was that singing star? Who is Billy Lee? you ask. I am. ("Old Schooled," Marya Summers, February 8). I don't need a giant silvered buckled belt, tattoos, or gurney "digs" to enhance my performances. My mellow voice and my love for great music are my assets. I sing karaoke whenever and wherever I go. I constantly praise and respect all the other participants. Win or lose, I love to sing. Kudos to the judges, who, despite the negative protests of some, recognized me for my talents and declared this crooner the winner. Who is Billy Lee? I am BILLY LEE.

Billy Lee

Via the Internet

Web of Intrigue

Dear readers: The technical people down here have finally figured out how to put your comments directly on our website, browardpalmbeach.com. Head on over, type us a rant, and watch your abuse appear instantaneously!

Naturally, that kind of immediacy has meant for a quick response to Kelly Cramer's latest cover story, "Beam Me Up" (February 22), in which she deflates a few cherished myths about a quirky local telecom company, GlobeTel. But the first shoutout left us scratching our heads:

Kelly is a guy! Ha! Until I saw the picture I thought Kelly was a girl. Writes like a girl anyway. Maybe he's sensitive about the name "Kelly." — Johnson

Turns out, "Johnson" confused a photo of GlobeTel CEO Peter Khoury, taken by and credited to Kelly Cramer, with the writer herself. Dumbass. A few other choice screeds:

Rehash of old news. This woman can't write and can't do her own research. It makes this whole site useless and I will not be back ever again. Advertisers beware of this kind of illegal BS. — Chris

I've been a GlobeTel shareholder for a couple years now. I've never sold, shame on me. Personally I am down 87 percent on my purchase of GlobeTel shares, it's been a really hard hit on me. To give you an idea, I've seriously considered selling my truck to recoup my losses. I feel the new CEO has been far more awake and responsive, I truly believe he will eventually turn this company around. I just keep watch of all the boards and PR releases. At this point, I just don't see how it could get any worse, I figure it can only turn around or stay the same, so I am going to continue to hold. — Robert

I read your hit piece on GlobeTel today, it is ironic that you should put it out on the same day the largest telecom organization in Mexico has agreed to a joint venture with GlobeTel to provide broadband service all over Mexico using their Hot Zone technology. Does that sound like an empty shell of a company as you are making it out to be? People like you are the journalistic equivalent to ambulance-chasing lawyers! That says it all. — Kai Mesterton

The writer failed to mention that the company has not released 2006 third and fourth quarter 10-Qs (due to internal audits brought on by the SEC investigation), or other PR shortcomings. Unfortunately, Globetel is only suited for Riverboat gamblers... educated investors find value elsewhere. — Bill

Kelly is a dude. — Dan the Man

No, she's not.

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