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Letters for March 16-23, 2006

Bring Out the Goodness

That down-home religion makes things worse: Nice story ("The God Fossil," Julia Reischel, March 9). My question: If God is a result of evolution, how come so many people are murdered in his name? Seems like lately, belief in God means early death. The most rabid believers, at least in the U.S., are the least progressive. My point is that religion is more of a ball and chain than of any biological advantage now.

Name withheld by request




Who's Cheatin' Who?

The real fraud is the insurance company: I am a lawyer who has been battling United Automobile Insurance Co, for more than eight years and last year received 90 percent of my income from cases against UAIC alone ("The Friendly Ties of United," Wyatt Olson, March 9). They are the "fraud."

Kevin Whitehead

Coral Gables

Who You Callin' Slut?

They just want to be themselves: I don't get how you can go somewhere one night and judge people by what they are wearing or dancing to ("After School Special," Marya Summers, March 9). Yes, Crush is a crazy place to go, there are younger people, and people don't care about what they wear because no one judges them. Personally, I don't go there anymore, but it's not because I'm judging anyone. My best friend is a regular there, and she's 26. The reason she enjoys it is because she can be herself and not have to worry about people making fun of what she's wearing or because she's dancing seductively. It's a place to go and be yourself, and just because you wear something that's a little risqué or you dance like a "stripper," as you put it, doesn't mean you are a slut.

Lori Brown


Most Ravers Are Boy Scouts

It's not us — it's the media: My dear friend Mitch Waas has so often been mockingly portrayed as some kind of deviant rather than someone who is trying to change my scene into something that is a safe, clean environment where we aren't A-list pricks who use the movie Groove to reference what the "scene" is about ("The Rave's Back, Baby," Deirdra Funcheon, March 2).

Granted, there are people who use, though heroin, coke, and heavy under-age drinking at goth clubs have never been addressed. When we would hang out at Ozzfest or the Warped Tour, we were surrounded by people openly smoking pot and snorting coke. We go to the Ultra Music Festival sober, and we're followed around, searched at the door, and questioned by undercover dicks for drugs. No wonder our scene is dying. Because we don't have Budweiser behind us, it makes our scene fair game.

So we ask: What was the point of the article? To once again bring bad vibes and embarrass the few people brave enough to try to explain the love and joy they feel when surrounded sober by people who don't point and laugh? Maybe it wasn't your intention to be insulting in the way you referenced those people who don't go out of their way to offend anyone, but we gather, without even knowing you, that you are a self-involved rock or pop princess who wouldn't know the music or the people you were judging if it came up and bit you in the ass.

Names withheld by request

Delray Beach

It's not us — it's our culture: Thank you for printing a fair and balanced article on South Florida's rave scene. The only area I had any concern with was connecting our events to drug use (particularly the cover photograph, depicting a child with a pill in his mouth). Drugs are an ongoing problem for our entire culture, and though they are particularly prevalent among younger people, they are not at all confined solely to this community, a problem that unfairly stigmatized the original rave scene. Tony Colombo (head of event security) and our security team at Special Security Services, along with myself and the rest of the Euphoria Project staff, have been working diligently to eliminate all traces of drug use at our events.

It's been a long process, but we have made tremendous headway in making these parties completely safe for our supporters while maintaining an environment where people can unwind and express themselves. Much like the hippies before us, ravers (through love of our music and our scene) are trying to do something positive with our lives and improve our spiritual connection with the world around us. Drugs are an unfortunate byproduct of a flawed cultural paradigm — we are merely spreading love and light in a world full of chaos and darkness.

Once again, thank you for the in-depth coverage of our community.

Mitchell Waas


Grand Old Buddy

Humorous insight and a serious question: Bob Norman's "The GOP's Buddy" (February 23), with its question: "If the Sun-Sentinel's Nevins declared for Crist, why is he still covering the gubernatorial race?" once again does a public service by exposing the "How Can We Help You" paper's political credibility.

Norman's account of Ms. Bible Belt Creationist Margaret Hostetter clapping like a trained seal "after an uncomfortable, slightly stunned silence" while limelight-basking Buddy gloats about his coming out of the Republican closet, offered humorous insight as to why our newsy Nevins can't even help himself.

Ray Salman

North Lauderdale


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