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Letters for March 9-15, 2006

The Art of the Rip-Off

Mara & Co. are the best at what they do: "Slush Money" (Trevor Aaronson, February 23) was a great article. It is nice to see that you guys have not forgotten about our great government over here in Hollywood. If it is not sludge or land use issues, they are just plain taking taxpayer money. The one thing you can say about our mayor is that she and [Alan] Koslow have turned ripping the people of Hollywood off into an art form. I guess if you are going to do something do it well and let the others suffer.

Jamie Mardis




What's that fish smell?: To paraphrase William Shakespeare who, I am sure needs no introduction, there is something rotten in the city of Hollywood, Florida. In plain modern English, it stinks and if something just gives the impression of impropriety, it needs to be looked into. Let's not drop this subject before it is thoroughly looked into.

Herman Levinson

Hallandale Beach

R.I.P. Jason

He would have loved the attention: I cannot thank Sam Eifling enough for doing such an excellent job on the article about Jason Livers ("Temperament Kills," February 16). Jason had a tough time with his struggles and addictions in life, but at the same time, don't we all?

I was at first concerned when I heard that there was to be an article about his death. I didn't want him portrayed negatively or the entire focus to be on his "problems." But Sam was genuinely concerned about Jason's friends, his life, and the entire ordeal that led to his death. All of us here in Kentucky are still struggling with this loss, yet I find this article to be a brief moment of peace. Jason would have loved the fact that he made it into the paper. He would have appreciated the work and words that Sam wrote of him. I truly believe that if this article could help just one person to come to terms with addictions, Jason would have been proud.

As Jason's mother says, "He will never be far, as long as we keep his memories alive".

Rachel Shelton

Greenville, KY

Old Farts Know Better

Keep the hot babes comin': What the hell is it with these law-abiding, church-going do-gooders (Letters, February 23)? Doesn't anyone other than us old farts appreciate the beauties you project from time to time in your excellent weekly news tabloid? Boy, do they need glasses. Better yet, they should learn to appreciate these fine young things.

Once you get too old, everything becomes an issue, and they only know how to bash, not appreciate. "Sinners," my ass, Mr. DeSarro, it's all class!

Freddie Kaye


Buddy's a Buddy

Respectfully, lay off Nevins: I have been reading Bob Norman's column for quite some time. I find his work ingenious, well written, and provocative. I think both he and [Sun-Sentinel columnist] Buddy Nevins provide enlightening insight into Broward politics. Both are extremely intelligent men who have made it their life endeavor to expose public corruption. This is why I am baffled about why Norman is wasting ink on Nevins ("The GOP's Buddy," February 23) when there are so many other worthy issues to fill your paper. What I find even odder is his negative portrayal of Ali Waldman, Ellyn Bogdanoff, and Mary Fertig. I have never met women more committed to this community. To call Ronnie Bergeron their "chief pimp" is pretty degrading and totally inaccurate. As a woman, I found it pretty insulting.

I am honored to call these women and Buddy my friends. I hope that you will take Mary up on her offer to meet with her. Maybe if you spend a few minutes with her, you will learn that these women are confident independent women who share your vision. Regardless, I remain a fan.

Sheila Alu


AIDS Fascination

Olson raises consciousness: I am currently a college student in Tallahassee. I read Wyatt Olson's February 2 article, "The Protection Racket," and I must say I was very touched by it. Wyatt addressed this issue of HIV/AIDS in an eye-opening way. That is the way people should address it. I have recently become very interested in the disease. I want to become part of any fight against AIDS. I will be looking out for Wyatt's name in the times to come. Thanks for inspiring me.

Crystal Redhead


Hold the 'Dozer

Nice homes are history: I have read and re-read your story "Raze the Roof" (Jeff Stratton, November 17). I have always thought it a shame that in a city with so few historic homes and buildings that we are still destroying them. Your article is well written, and I hope it wakes some people up, hopefully it will do some good.

I have visited the historical society many times over the years I have lived here. I moved here in June of 1992. I like to talk to Marilyn Rathburn, and I met Diane Smart during a historic tour of the beach area a few years ago. There is almost nothing left down at the beach. Recently I obtained a list of all the Abreu buildings and when I have the time I go out and find them. Seeing them helps me to feel better about living here. I just wish more could be done to save them and all the other old places that are left.

David Bonazzoli

Fort Lauderdale

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