Letters for May 18–24, 2006

Need Viagra?

There are more spammers waiting in the wings: As a veteran of the "spam wars" since 1997, I've participated in and read hundreds of articles about unsolicited e-mail marketing. Trevor Aaronson's May 11 article about James McCalla and other spammers in Florida ("The $11 Billion Man") is one of the best I've ever read in terms of identifying the difficulties in holding spammers accountable for the problems they cause and why spammers continue to infest our inboxes despite our best efforts to keep them out.

It's a failure of our legislators and legal system that we have to rely on one dedicated internet service provider in Iowa to identify a spammer sending out hundreds of millions of e-mails from Florida. Until the United States has laws in place that truly hold spammers accountable for their actions and actually make spam illegal, we will continue to be bombarded every day with offers for pornography, herbal male potency enhancers, cheap mortgages, and free money from the relatives of dead Nigerian dictators. Even if the spammers identified in Aaronson's article were to close up shop tomorrow, some other spammer would be waiting in the wings until we create real, enforceable, legal repercussions for their destructive actions, as other countries around the world have begun to do.



Until that time, three cheers for CIS Internet Services for investing its own money in holding a spammer accountable and for New Times for an excellent piece of investigative journalism.

John C. Mozena, Co-founder and Vice President

Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail


Who's Tops in Tapas?

Swords or pistols, cabrón? My name is George Fernandez Beza, born in Madrid, Spain. I'm also the owner of a well-known and authentic Spanish restaurant in downtown Hollywood known as La Barraca. We like to bring a true Spanish flair to our clients with our unique food and our true ethnic flamenco shows. Our restaurant has proven its reputation throughout the years through our well-known clients. We have also been acclaimed and honored by, among others, one of your own recognized food critics, Jen Karetnick, in a 2003 New Times article.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you about the feedback I've received from my customers about your 2006 award to what you call the Best Tapas Restaurant, Paella Seafood Grill ("Best of 2006," May 11). As a Spanish community in Broward and Palm Beach, we strongly believe that, because of the inventive and genuine feeling that we bring to our customers, we are truly the Best Tapas Restaurant. We would like to invite any food critic from New Times to come and experience for himself our true flair and originality.

Is there anybody who knows what tapas are? On page 102 of your newspaper, you say that tapas are originally from Spain with Spanish products. I find it very hard to believe that Paella Seafood Grill is the best. Sorry.

George Fernandez Beza


Who Y' Gonna Call?

Make it Bushbusters: As reported in previous New Times accounts, various Maroone auto dealerships may have tried to pass off hurricane-damaged vehicles as new to some customers ("These Deals Will Blow You Away," Tailpipe, April 13).

Now, as reported locally last week, Mike Maroone, the auto maven, hosted "President Moron" and one of his local sycophants, Rep. E. Clay Shaw, for a private fundraiser that raised about $800,000 for Shaw. Yet, Shaw failed to stand close enough to the "Liar in Chief" to even be photographed together. In fact, not even one photo of Shaw with Bush appeared in any of the daily rags — a clear example of a rat leaving a sinking ship. Typical GOP — grab the cash and run!

Obviously, Maroone, headquartered in a Democratic-dominated county, pissed off a lot of potential customers. I, for one, would not even purchase a hubcap from Maroone for fear that even one penny of my purchase would go to support the anti-American evildoers in the White House. While Maroone is entitled to support anyone he chooses for public office, I hope other Democrats will consider who Mike supports politically and how he sees America before they purchase anything from him.

When it comes to buying a new or used vehicle, the last person I'm gonna call is Maroone!

Harvey Slavin


Pay 'Em to Pay 'Em

In this city, the gratuities are for developers: Trevor Aaronson's "Access Hollywood" (February 16) boils down to a simple fact. The City of Hollywood is being run with arrogant, myopic vision by a person who misinterprets an election as a coronation. The city charter describes the mayor's duties as cutting ribbons and running commission meetings, not dominating them. The mayor has obviously taken total control of the commission to the point of having crony lobbyists running campaigns for commissioners who will in return support mayor/lobbyist agendas, resulting in a Bush-like administration where cronyism prevails and even Republicans acknowledge the corruption.

The mayor stated that there is nothing improper in doing business with friends. Could members of the city purchase staff emulate the mayor's style by trashing competitive bidding and doing business with their friends? It's impossible to understand the mayor's reasoning. Has the queen syndrome stripped her ethics?

How many insiders are getting deals, looting Hollywood's treasury, placing profits in the hands of the well-connected before a real developer is even involved? You have to question the mayor's motives when cities like Fort Lauderdale are actually charging developers more than $3,000 in impact fees for each condo unit being built.

Howard Sher


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