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Letters for May 25–31, 2

Condition of Unconditional Love

Hold back the weight of society's judgment: Parenting is incredibly demanding and scary. You are responsible for the care and welfare of a child who will hopefully someday grow to be a caring and responsible adult. I am lucky to have three healthy children, and our challenges are more about which sport to play and where they are going to have their birthday party this year. Having a child like Nicole must be absolutely heartbreaking for the parents ("See Dick Be Jane," Julia Reischel, May 18).

They love this child just as much as we love our children, and they can only guess the type of nightmare this child may one day endure when Nicole realizes that the outside world is not as loving or supportive or accepting as her parents' home. Right now, I think these parents are giving their child absolute and pure unconditional love. This child will benefit from that support later on in life, when Nicole is feeling the weight of society's judgment upon her. She will know that even though people in her everyday life are sneering, she is accepted and loved and supported in her home. That there will always be a safe haven at home, without judgment or persecution. And, God willing, that may one day save her life, if Nicole should reach such a day of desperation. I commend these parents. I admire these parents. I aspire to be as wonderful to my own children as these parents are to Nicole.



Kim Fox

Via the Internet

On the varieties of human gender orientation: "See Dick Be Jane" is a great story, and it needed to be told and written. I too am a parent of a young transgender male trying to be a female in Tampa, and it is a difficult journey, especially with the school system. I am glad my friend came forward and told her story. The more we educate the public, the better these individuals will be, and the easier their acceptance will be.

S. McKay


Give Unto Ceasar

Just lower your expectations a little, dude: I just read Bob Norman's May 18 article, "Nail Ceasar." I found it very enjoyable but not a complete picture. Ceasar is more complex than the caricature you painted. Don't get me wrong: I'm not a fan of Ceasar's, but my 25 years' experience in politics tells me there is much worse. I think Andrew Lewis was treated shabbily to say the least, but Ceasar did offer to give him several precincts at a time.

Ilene Singer


Don't let him chase your ambulance: Of course the Democrats can do better. Organizationally, the minutes of the Democratic Executive Committee meetings are rarely reviewed, the minutes of the Executive Committee are never reviewed, a full budget has not been submitted to the membership, and any type of audit of the finances has not been done (or reported to the membership, at least). It is only recently that we even have an agenda for the DEC meetings. Important works of letter-writing, helping campaigns, rallies, or demonstrations are rarely if ever given full attention at the meetings, just amorphous instructions to help out. When asked about new business or items of interest, Ceasar ruled out of order a request to talk about the Lewis resignation. Why not fully and forthrightly address the matter?

The election of the current officers was a nightmare. More than two hours to credential the precinct people, and still there were mistakes. A delegate was allowed to represent and vote in a precinct she did not live in and had not lived in for some time. According to the monitors, a mistake could not have been made if they were credentialed (a curious form of circular reasoning.) It took months for the DEC to rectify that mistake. To be fair to Caesar, he had no responsibility for that fiasco; he was a candidate for the chair. The election was someone else's job.

The issues of [Democratic candidates] working against Democrats have not been brought to the DEC membership. The important work of electing John Kerry fell victim to internecine feuding between the DEC and Kerry campaigns. As a DEC member, all I can say is that if Ceasar runs his law office and lobbying like he runs the DEC, his clients should ask for their money back.

Siobhan McLaughlin


A hundred reasons why Bush is president: Great story on Ceasar. I was until recently a lifelong Democrat. But the liberal elites who now control the party are way out of touch with the concerns of everyday Americans. The Democrat Party is no longer the party of FDR or the party of the people. It has become the party of rich lawyers and doctors and paranoid, loopy, far-left radicals.

Bill Arnold

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