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Letters for November 15-21, 2007

The Norman Invasion

Here's lookin' at you, kid: The other Norman Invasion was in 1066, but this one is more fun, with boiling pulp dumped on the heads of scoundrels ("Animal Farm," Bob Norman, November 8). Blog 'em, confound 'em, and send 'em back to hell or whatever planet they came from!

Asa Boynton


He begs to differ: Broward County School Board Audit Committee records clearly show that, as the chief building official for the district in 2004, I opposed, not supported, the addition across the front of Miramar High School when plans were submitted for permit. As a result of that opposition, Deputy Superintendent [Michael] Garretson broke the logjam by proposing a freestanding classroom addition by the same architect, which has actually been completed and is in use.

In general, I favor transparency and oversight of capital programs. For that reason, I sought out Assistant County Prosecutor John Countryman when I became chief building official for the school district in 2002, given the history of the capital program up to then.

Please continue to investigate the Broward County School District capital improvement program. By doing so, you will find a superintendent who is the most dedicated advocate of students I have ever met and a deputy superintendent for facilities who has met state-mandated classroom-size-reduction requirements every year against overwhelming odds, when not meeting them would have cost the district millions of dollars.

I can't change the world (I've tried), but I can continue to bitch when I'm dragged through the mud for the wrong reasons.

Lee Martin


Base Exploitation

Wrong is wrong, a sister says: I am writing to set the record straight as to who really got burned in this mess: my sister Donna Gootgeld ("Burned at Both Ends," Deirdra Funcheon, November 1). Darrell Boyd didn't help her open King's Point Pharmacy; she had no desire to open a pharmacy. At a vulnerable point in her life, he coerced and used her to set up the pharmacy, because he could not obtain a Medicaid provider number himself due to his felony record. When large deposits from Medicaid started showing up in the pharmacy's bank account, she knew something was wrong. When she confronted Darrell, she was stonewalled and told not to worry about it. They later tried to convince her that they were billing legitimately for receivables they had purchased from companies that did not have provider numbers. The money, which he was able to control, quickly disappeared from the bank account and, needless to say, was not returned to Medicaid.

Unfortunately, her way of coping with the situation she found herself in led to substance-abuse problems. Darrell conveniently used this to his advantage by "throwing her under the bus" and convincing her, out of fear, to take a plea at a time when she was not in a state to defend herself or think clearly. He assured her that he would pay her $50,000 restitution and that she would be off probation in 18 months. As of this writing, five years later, he has failed to do so.

The shame and betrayal devastated my sister. To this day, Darrell cannot conceive why this was a problem for her and nearly put her over the edge. As you can tell by his story, he thinks it is normal and glorious to have a criminal past.

As an aside to Darrell, contrary to your own beliefs, you are a pussy for not being man enough to take responsibility for your own actions. You could have taken a better plea at the beginning of all this and left Donna out of it. Instead, you chose to take my sister down with you. You didn't even accompany her to court when you knew she was falling apart because you were afraid of being arrested. You nearly destroyed her and lost the best thing that ever happened to you because of your lies. Regarding your quip about not having to live with psycho the rest of your life... No chance of that happening, since you'll never escape from yourself and your delusions. So toke on that!

Karen Best


Does anybody have a chance against corruption? I found it to be a disturbing inside picture of our justice system today, and I wonder how much of a chance does Darrell Boyd or any of us have to clear our names if we are the target of an investigation. It seems there is corruption in all phases of government. Most are receiving their kickbacks and slapping each other on the back while covering for each other, and the Blue Wall of Silence prevails.

I do not see how Boyd could possibly receive a fair trial when the government agents were working with his attorney against him, being paid for names of potential clients, and receiving information from the lawyer pertaining to his case. What he thought was confidential information was being passed on to the agents on his case. This kept him from hiring an attorney who would have truly represented him in his best interests. All involved seemed to be getting what they wanted except Boyd — guilty pleas for the agents, legal fees for the attorney.

They knew what he was convicted of in the '80s, so guilty once must be guilty twice, even though there have been no such records. For 25 years, he has had a clean slate. They just wanted to nail him for having the audacity to point out their corrupt practices, regardless of whether he is guilty. They want Boyd behind bars.

Sharon Renfro



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