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Letters for November 2, 2006

Do We Care?

His sexual orientation may be his best quality: While gubernatorial phony, er, candidate Charlie Crist may or may not be gay, he is a big flip-flopper on the issues of class size, drilling offshore, and other subjects of importance to voters ("Crist Denies Trysts," Bob Norman, October 26). We don't need a GOP governor again — ever! In fact, he makes Tom DeLay and jailbird (and ex-congressman) Duke Cunningham look honest and truthful.

The horror of Crist is not whether he is envious of Mark Foley but that he wants to "follow in Gov. Jeb Bush's footsteps." Yikes! So much for education and assistance for the elderly and infirm here in the Sunshine State. And so much for a cap on charges the insurance companies suck out of us for hurricane insurance, etc., etc.


Letters to the Editor

Wages will be kept low, middle-class families in Florida will continue to get the shaft, and the rich will get tax breaks, as will their businesses. And here's an "amen!" for the evangelicals too. Florida will continue to play the role of the Titanic, at least financially. Especially when people realize they've sucked all the equity out of their homes just to pay their bills. Hello, Foreclosure City!

Harvey Slavin


And what about the unborn? This has nothing to do with "proof." The press is pro-perverted homosexual adultery, which is deadly and destructive. Studies show they have a suicide rate 37 times the norm. They die 30 years earlier than normal people. For this guy to be elected governor is insane. Even worse, if possible, is that he is pro-abortion — which is even more deadly in every case for 48 million innocent unborn children slaughtered since Roe. The U.S. has gone literally mad.

John Stafford


Well, maybe it was just anonymous sex: What stands out in this article is when Crist is asked by the writer if he ever had sex with Jordan. Rather than a vehement denial of ever having had sex with any man, Crist states only that he doesn't recognize the name. Tacit acknowledgment of having had sex with other men whose names he would recognize? Hmmm.

Matt Carmody

Via the Internet

It's a Republican theme: If Dick Cheney could not remember sitting next to Sen. Edwards at dinner, what is to stop Crist not remembering who he slept with?

Andrew O'D. Sonnell

Sacramento, California

While we're remembering, make a note of Wetherington: If Crist somehow pulls out a victory, I'd like to believe that it was because Floridians didn't care that their next governor would be gay. I'm afraid, however, it will be because most Floridians learned nothing from the Mark Foley scandal.

As for Jason Wetherington, what an arrogant and self-serving little prick. So much for being president one day — of Log Cabin Republicans, if he's lucky.

George Henson

Dallas, Texas

It's just Crist getting Clintonian: That a GOP'er would attempt to hide his sexuality to gain elective office is hardly surprising. I wonder, though, if anyone has asked the question: Are you bisexual? Since many people espousing a bisexual lifestyle vehemently deny being gay, I feel the question is extremely relevant. A "no" answer would effectively, and specifically, define his sexuality and thus be potential fodder for charges of lying, should additional information come to light. That this matter is irrelevant relative to his fitness to act as a representative of the people is something for another debate. The charges have been leveled, and he has responded, and thus the matter must therefore be further explored.

Mark-Alan Lynch

Providence, Rhode Island

Bob Norman, our Washington Irving: Well-written... Almost a short story about the conflicted party and its relationships with gays.

Herbert Davis

Sauk Centre, Minnesota

Perfect, as usual: "Charlie Crist Is NOT Gay" (Julia Reischel, October 19) is a good article: well-written, impressively researched. I don't despair at expecting Crist will be governor in spite of his denying his gayness. I suspect that he is bisexual and that circumstances allow him to play Clintonian word games. Maybe Crist's becoming governor as a closet gay on the cusp of being out represents a transition to the time when a gay man can run as gay.

Lee Drury de Cesare

Madeira Beach

The sound of silence: Whether Charlie Crist is gay or bisexual is only half the question. If he is, Florida voters ought to know that information, since he has portrayed himself otherwise. The other question is: As Florida's attorney general, what did he know about the Foley matter and when, and, critically, why hasn't it been investigated by the highest law enforcement office in the state? Is it because it is not politically expedient for Crist, now the state's leading Republican, to ignore it?

Charles Lichtman

Fort Lauderdale

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

The boss doesn't run roughshod anymore: As a 40-year resident of Southwest Ranches, I want to thank you for your efforts that I am sure are finally leading to recent changes we have seen in Southwest Ranches. Your previous factual articles such as "Cash Cow" (Bob Norman, March 24, 2005) I'm sure contributed to the needed "wake-up call" that residents needed to hear to finally see the light.

A.M. Vincent

Southwest Ranches


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