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Letters for November 23-19, 2006

La La Land

A kiss on the hand is oh so continental, but...: "Hooray for Hollywood" is a classic article that was grabbed off the stands in Hollywood (Thomas Francis, November 16).

Friends have mentioned to me that they would love to have a "Hooray for Hollywood" poster, and they pointed out something else. Posing Mara in Marilyn Monroe's Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend outfit was a stroke of genius!



Asa Boynton


Everybody Must Get Paid

Get rid of the slugs, but cut the budget: Thank you for Bob Norman ("Suddenly, Justice?," November 16). Thank his mother and father for me. He is a fantastic writer and a small hope for us little people. I would like to say, though, that perhaps all these investigations in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties are just another wealth transfer of taxpayer money to the wealthy or the "haves." I mean, this seems to be a huge industry of lawyers, judges, investigators, clerks, office supply suppliers, bailiffs, and bail bondsmen.

How many millions are taxpayers spending to investigate these lowlifes to come up with their weak and petty charges? A poor person is snatched from the street, accused of shoplifting, jailed, and tried for stealing $400 worth of stuff only to be found not guilty by a jury. The arrest, charge, and trial were nothing but a huge corporation using the entire justice system as its personal enforcer. (I know this; I sat on the jury.)

I think with the housing slowdown, attention is now turning to justice. Do you have any idea what the budgets are for all these investigations, grand juries, and prosecutions? Please don't get me wrong: We must continue flipping the rocks to wipe out the slugs, as you have written.

Mike Christensen


Elvis Without Sideburns

You have to be smart: New Times and the Miami Herald deserve loud applause for employing critics who are sophisticated enough to "get" the Caldwell Theatre Company's Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love for what it is: a simple, heartfelt tribute to songs sung by Elvis, not an imitation of the Pelvis ("Kitsch Me Not," November 16, Brandon K. Thorp).

I run the Caldwell, yes, so I'm protective of the baby. I didn't direct this terrific show, however, and it really irks me that the aisle-sitters for the Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post didn't have the smarts to understand the intent (and success) of Hunka Hunka. They wanted impersonations of the King.

Thank God your guy Thorp (and the Herald critic) know that imitators would be beyond awful. Your guy "got" the non-Elvis approach to the show and admitted to having a "genuine emotional experience" while attending the Caldwell. It's a shame the other two critics don't have his knowledge of what's going on onstage.

Michael Hall

Boca Raton

Tones' Tunes

We can rock to this music: I currently have the Tunes and Tones album reviewed in your November 16 issue (Subtropical Spin, Lee Zimmerman) and happen to think it's great! This article has totally described most of the greatest songs on this compact disc. For instance, there is a song on The Rolling Stone Effect album by the name of "Grump." This song is very much influenced by Nirvana. I think it has great rhythm and an adrenaline rush all in itself. I believe people can rock hard to this song!

Norma Perez


Artbeat Rocks

Thanks for small favors: I have two reasons to write you. One is to thank you for your review of the "Abstraction: A Group Show" exhibit at Mulry Gallery (Artbeat, Marya Summers, November 9). The gallery is bringing some terrific art to our area, and I am very pleased to be part of it. The small painting of mine you mentioned is something I am very happy with. I'd also like to thank you for your review of the Armory Faculty Exhibit (Artbeat, November 9). The show is a bit of a potluck supper. I am proud of the entire faculty, but next year, we may hand-select the work for the show.

Dennis Aufiery


Unleashing the Bisexual Monster

Someday we'll be sorry: Your blatantly allowing someone to smear bisexuals as being the purveyors of lies in your Letters to the Editor is outrageous (Letters, November 9). Would you have allowed someone from the KKK to be printed slandering African-Americans? Or skinheads and neo-Nazis to spew anti-Semitic venom about a rabbi? Or, heaven forbid, allow a Christian fundamentalist to attack a gay family for having a child? No. That would be financial suicide!

Make no mistake: You printed it because you felt safe in allowing negativity to foster on your rag due to the fact you feel we don't have the monetary clout to hit you where it hurts. Maybe we don't have the recognition we need and deserve yet, but one day, we will have all the rights you take for granted. And I live for the day when you walk on eggshells about allowing such a callous and dim point of view to be printed!

Sean Gonzalez

Los Angeles

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