Letters for October 26-November 1, 2006

Liberally Lying

And y' mama wears combat boots: Interesting — lots of innuendo from people who stand to gain from the claims that Charlie Crist is gay ("Charlie Crist Is Not Gay," Julia Reischel, October 19). I have no idea and certainly am not going to believe it without truth. Someone saying it is true and it actually being true are two different things. Your story wasn't extremely biased, but it certainly wasn't neutral either. If you come up with some real truth rather than stating that he hasn't answered this question or that question, then Julia Reischel might actually be considered a reporter.

This is nothing more than continuous liberal smear tactics unless you get some real proof. Think about it: If a couple of people come out and say your mom was a gang bang slut, hey, two people corroborated it so we can print it, even if it isn't actually substantiated with real evidence. The morals of the press are sad in many instances.



Ed Mesco


I dream of Julia: Thank you for Julia Reischel's "Charlie Crist Is Not Gay." It caused me to have a chimerical experience which whispered to me that Julia Reischel is gay — or maybe not gay? I replied to that chimera: "Of course she is gay... or is she? Let us not play the rumor game, the curse of so many news gossips. She is what she is (what is she?), but whatever she is, God bless her."

Truly, let God bless her for her long, splendid article which proved that Charlie Crist is Not Gay. This, via her detailed analysis of a political rumor mill.

Leo Shatin

Boca Raton

You know marriage is a guy-girl thing: As you consider the questions I'm putting forth, please know that I'm a gay Democrat who understands that Jim Davis' stand on gay issues is little more than politically expedient.

I have absolutely no idea if Charlie Crist is gay. However, as reflected in this week's cover story, rumors to that effect continue to abound. There are also rumors concerning Charlie Crist's position on gay issues. Some in the gay community even believe he supports gay marriage and gay adoptions. Here's the written response I received from Karen Halperin, Crist's Deputy Policy Director, when I asked about his stand on "gay issues": "Charlie Crist believes that marriage is an institution between one man and one woman. He also believes with President Bush that private individuals may enter contractual relationships with each other. He also believes that the best option for children is to be placed in a home with a loving mother and father. He would not support repealing Florida's ban on gay adoption." Please note, I did not ask about "gay marriage" nor "gay adoptions." This is apparently his standard response to general questions concerning "gay issues."

If Crist is gay, he's deeply closeted and has been throughout his political career. Would a closeted gay governor with political ambitions support legislation important to the gay community or might he support or even propose anti-gay legislation in order to enhance the carefully orchestrated myth that he's heterosexual? Mick Ellis

Wilton Manors

Don't Punish Me for Creativity

Farris should have met the Vietcong: I would like to congratulate Ashley Harrell, for her in-depth article "Meet Farris Hassan," (October 5). I wish his school would reconsider the taking of five points from some of his grades, because it could affect a brilliant young man's chances of getting in a college of his choice.

Farris became a credit to them by scoring in the top one percent in the nation on the PSAT. I am a disabled of Viet Nam veteran, and I wish we could have had a Farris Hassan to build our morale.

H.J. Stewart


Deputy Whiz

Who's doing favors for whom here?: While the Tailpipe item ("Tender Loving Justice," September 28) was a wonderful fictional story about the daughter of Wilton Manor's Mayor Scott Newton, it was not completely factual.

Deputy Newton was assigned to Lauderdale By The Sea district but received a great bulk of her training in Pompano Beach, hardly a "cupcake assignment" as you like to call LBTS. She trained in the western part of the city, basically the hood.

If you believe that the position that Deputy Newton secured was in any part due to her father being mayor of Wilton Manors, then please answer this: Why would Ken Jenne or BSO do any favors to the man who has repeatedly stated that the Wilton Manorts P.D. would never go to BSO? Then consider further that Deputy Newton and her family paid for her training. The mere fact that the City of Wilton Manors had sponsored her had nothing to do with her being admitted into the program. Remember that Rick Wierzbicki was the Chief of Police at the time, and he certainly wasn't doing any favors for Mayor Newton.

Further, please consider the fact that Deputy Newton was graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice in only three years. Was this her ability or do you think that Mayor Newton had something to do with this too? You correctly state that Deputy Newton passed her State certification, however you fail to state how many graduates do not pass same.

It is truly a shame that, without any concrete evidence or facts, you may have destroyed the reputation, and any respect that was garnered, of Deputy Newton. What you did today was weaken the Broward Sheriff's Office Lauderdale-By-The-Sea branch for no reason other than sensationalism.

Name withheld by request

Fort Lauderdale


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