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Letters for September 14-20, 2006

Mom Rebuffs Kid

Julia should have listened to her mother: There's a lot in Julia's account of our experience with Dr. Ghen and the stem cell transfusion that I don't agree with ("In Cord Blood," August 31, Julia Reischel). I don't think we had a "bad experience" with Dr. Ghen — in fact, just the opposite — and I don't think we were "fleeced." We decided to try this experiment because we knew there was little else to try. Dr. Ghen told us up-front, in a conference call with other prospective patients, that he could not guarantee a good result. We knew it was a long shot; we also knew it couldn't hurt, and that was enough for us. We tried it, and if I were to do this over, I would make the same decision today. There were some emotional rewards involved in the effort that went beyond whether there was a cure.

I also don't believe the FDA ever told Dr. Ghen that he was violating its regulations. In fact, my understanding is that when it began its investigation, it told him very little. As far as I know, the investigation is still pending, and there has never been a satisfactory explanation of precisely what the agency was or is investigating.



When my husband underwent this process, there were three other patients simultaneously getting transfusions. Whatever has happened since, I doubt that any of their families would say they had been defrauded in any way. Our expectations were minimal.

Nancy Stanley

Washington, D.C.

Editor's note: Stanley is the mother of Julia Reischel, who wrote "In Cord Blood."

The Chops Keep Coming

Dozier offers bottomless opportunities for snide letter writers: First, I want to compliment the Rev. O'Neal Dozier on his moronic response to Sam Eifling's article about him ("Allah Drops In," August 17). Why keep digging yourself a deeper hole? Through his own vulgar and racist words, he proved me absolutely correct in my assessment of him in my letter to the editor (August 31).

However, while I correctly labeled Dozier a racist, religious liar (vis-à-vis Jesus and the New Testament) and a hatemonger, Dozier now allows me, through his own words, to add to that litany of "compliments" by also calling him a narcissistic jackass.

This cretin is in love with himself. And that's a good thing. After all — who else would love him?

Harvey Slavin


Dementia Is My Alibi

She should have been nicer to her victim: I read "Driving While Demented" (Ashley Harrell, August 24) and was utterly appalled about Ms. Bowen's complete lack of respect for the man she hit and killed, let alone the obvious bigotry of her comments. There is no excuse on this Earth for the way that woman acted. I have several relatives over the age of 75; only one of them still drives, and he makes sure to get a vision and hand-eye coordination test every year to see that he's fit to continue driving. This should be the law here in Florida. I am absolutely shocked and disgusted by that woman's comments and her complete lack of guilt.

Jeffrey Yannitty


If You Knew Tapas Like I Know Tapas

Aiyee, he put red peppers in the paella! I am writing to you in regard to your review of La Barraca Tapas Bar and Café ("Dali, Back to Your Drawing Board," Gail Shepherd, August 24). I feel Shepherd missed the mark with many of her comments and was not objective in her review. To me, your paper seems to hold a personal grudge against Chef Jorge Luis Fernandez because he questioned your decision for Best Tapas Bar in 2006. Surely, Shepherd should have removed herself from this review and had someone more objective review La Barraca?

My family are residents of Barcelona, Spain. I have been going there at least two weeks of the year for the past 25 years. There is no set way to prepare a paella. Each establishment has its own house recipe. The paella that is prepared in Barcelona (seafood-oriented) will not be the same as paella prepared in San Sebastian. You criticize Fernandez for putting red peppers in his Paella. I have seen this many times in the Valencian region of Spain. To me, Fernandez's paella is far better than that of Café Seville, Meson Madrid, Mosaico, or any other Spanish restaurant in the area.

Regarding to your critique of his chocolate cake: Most chocolate cakes are far too heavy and have a dry texture. His is actually homemade, has a fluffy texture, and is similar to what you would find in Spain.

Steven Betts


Reef Destruction — That's a Front-pager, No?

Oh, newspaper reporters, where are you? Thanks for the great exposé on the reef destruction going on right before our eyes ("Reef Madness," Wyatt Olson, August 10). Why isn't this on the front page of the Sun-Sentinel?

How can I help stop this tragedy?

Frank Kerker

Fort Lauderdale

Her Neck, Her Back?

Khia keeps them happy: I just got Khia's new DVD CD, Gangstress, today ("Thug Misses," Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik, July 27). Her interview included on the DVD was great. Because we love cats, we took a chance and downloaded her newest single, "Snatch the Cat Back." When my friend said it was by somebody named Khia, I thought she did "My Neck, My Back," and so it was. "Snatch the Cat Back" was every bit as fun and shocking on first listen. It is nice to learn from your story that we will have a book coming from Khia in a few months. I'd love to see her make a movie to go with it. A great girl with a future in film, let's hope.

Karen Carwile

Lynchburg, Virginia


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