Letters for September 15-21, 2005

The 'Pipe Makes the Honor Roll

Guidance from the battered cylinder: Tailpipe's overall grade for Gretsas Report Card: A ("Georgie Shows Promise," September 1).

Robert Dressler



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Elephant Feet

Make the point, but save the show: Though I think it was a shame for Ronald Mangravite to use a review of a specific show to express his feelings on the level of mediocrity in South Florida theater, I applaud him for being the only person in recent memory to use the power of the press to challenge us to a higher standard ("Not-So-Freaky-Freak Show," September 1). It is an opinion I share to a large degree. The negativity didn't do any good for my show, but I thank him for his honesty.

Antonio Amadeo

Coconut Creek

Editor's note: Amadeo plays the lead in Mosaic Theatre's production of The Elephant Man.

Things that have to be said: Bravo to Ronald Mangravite for his sentiments on the pedestrian quality of area theater voiced in the review of The Elephant Man. Insights as penetrating as his, and writing as persuasive, can only be a remedial force.

Carl Zettelmeyer

Fort Lauderdale

Why the Cop Died

Jenne needed the votes: There are several interesting points about the raid described in Trevor Aaronson's article ("Deputy Down," August 25). First, if you go back to your calendar of events at that time, you will note that the raid was conducted the same week as the election primaries. We all know that everyone rallies around a police agency that makes a bust on anything that has to do with child pornography or abuse.

Second, Jenne had access to multiple agencies' intelligence on the suspect. It was abundantly clear that Wilk owned numerous heavy-caliber firearms. It was also clear that the suspect had made numerous threats to law enforcement agents. Compounding the danger, the two entry deputies were wearing only standard "street" protective vests, not the heavy-duty ones worn by SWAT teams.

One also needs to look at the fact that the Broward Sheriff's Office was taking a lot of heat over the crime statistics scandal. Jenne's creating of PowerTrac was a system of tracking crime, but he knew full well how to manipulate it to create whatever numbers he wanted. Unfortunately again, the deputies pay for it. So what you clearly have is that Jenne decided to play politician instead of lawman, and he sent those men into certain bodily harm. He did so without proper attention to intel, against the advice of some other deputies.

For what? you ask. For votes! He killed a man, as sure as he pulled the trigger himself, because he thought that, by busting child pornographer types, he would get votes. To date, Jenne has yet to accept responsibility for the PowerTrac scandal (which he created entirely), and he will not take responsibility for Deputy Fatta's death either. Jenne could give a rat's ass about any deputy out there on the road. He finds them all to be way beneath him. If you note any old video footage of him during hurricanes or some large-scale emergency situation, you will note that all uniformed officers around him are higher-ranking ones. He has contempt for his deputies, and it clearly shows in all of his internal actions within the department. Jenne has no open-door policy. He punished those who e-mailed him about botching that raid, calling it failure to follow chain of command.

Crime is double and triple what Jenne has been telling you it has been for the years he has been in office. This was made clear when the stats went under investigation. After the investigation started, crime rose significantly across the board!

Now, you ask yourself: "Why isn't the governor stepping in?" I mean, Jeb didn't waste a whole lot of time dismissing Miriam Oliphant from her elections position? Hell, he did that with about a tenth of the evidence they have on Jenne.

So, I suppose that I am stuck sitting here shaking my head in total disbelief at the apathy and disregard that citizens have for their own safety and welfare. If you are in a BSO area of law enforcement, you had better be concerned. Your crime stats are way higher than you think, and your deputies are demoralized beyond total belief.

J. M. Evans


Editor's note: Evans was a candidate for sheriff in 2004, though he dropped out before the general election.

Stones Unturned

Hey, let's give Miss Cleo a shout: Great article and a sad story ("Finding Gary, Part 4," Bob Norman, August 25). I have told everyone I know to read this story. The time for secrets is over. I know this sounds silly, but what about [psychic] Sylvia Browne? There is also the Vidocq Society.

Keep up the great work, and if you could, pass along my prayers to Donna. She is really a great lady and the true embodiment of a wife.

John Tarantino


Norman continues to rock: I'm a journalist myself, and I wanted to tell you this is one of the best pieces of journalism I have ever read. It just grabbed me in full force from the beginning and didn't let me go; it reads like a novel!

Congratulations, and thanks.

Name Withheld by Request

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