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Letters June 10-16, 2004

Bub: Thank you for Eric Alan Barton's June 3 article "Protect the Abuser." It sounds pretty bad for both of these individuals. Please keep us informed.

Bob Pardon

Via the Internet

Best Again

Honorific:Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for naming the Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History as Best New Museum in your "Best of 2004" issue (May 13, 2004). I just received my copy of the newspaper in the mail, and I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks so much for the honor.

Lori J. Durante, Executive Director

Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History

Delray Beach

And Horrific: Here's a list of the Best of What We Need and Don't Have in South Florida:

1. A classical FM radio station

2. A gothic-rock FM radio station

3. An industrial-rock FM radio station

4. An easy-listening instrumental FM radio station

5. A tourist AM radio station

6. A bargain-prices AM radio station

7. A retail and services AM radio station

8. A food and dining AM radio station

9. A fashion and style AM radio station

10. A transportation news AM radio station

11. An environmental AM radio station

12. A meteorology and weather AM radio station

Gary Baltuck

Pembroke Pines

Prince of a Story

Purple Prose: Hi! I'm an American living in France who picked up the reference to this article on the Housequake site ("The Prince Deficit," Rob Harvilla, April 22). Loved it. Laughed out loud. I lived in Minneapolis from 1981 to 1991 so am a Prince fan from almost the beginning. Excellent social commentary. I e-mailed the article to all my friends who, with me, are going to see Prince in St. Paul. Thanks for the insight and humor.

Lisa Omlid


Next Stop? FEC Tracks

Go east, young commuter: The piece about Tri-Rail was exactly right-on ("Next Stop, Nowhere," Jeff Stratton, April 15). I'm a rail activist and frequent rail user on every continent. By now, I've traveled 500,000 miles. Tri-Rail is the only commuter line I know that won't sell you a ticket on board. The rent-a-cops should be guarding stations, most being in remote areas.

Now service to the western fringes will enjoy superfluous runs and empty trains on a double track; if authorities begin using the FEC, crowds will clog those trains. But using a single track, which has 400 freight trains most days, is no way to run a railroad.

Marvin Doudna

West Palm Beach

More of Georgia

Please make it stop: I stumbled recently upon Bob Norman's two-part series on Georgia Roberts ("Georgia Got a Gun," October 9, and "Georgia in the Pines," October 16) accidentally when I was reading I saw Kristi Krueger's name and remembered how much my family and I enjoyed her as a reporter at WDIV-TV (Channel 4) when she worked in Detroit.

I did a Google search to find out what Kristi has been doing since leaving Detroit, and that search took me to your story. I've been glued to my computer screen ever since. I wanted to ask you what the outcome was of the second trial or if there even was a second trial. I did a search in the archive section of your paper, but I couldn't find anything beyond 2003. I hope Kristi is doing well and that Georgia Roberts is getting some much-needed psychological help. I suppose the right thing to do is to feel sorry for a woman like that, but I find myself unable to come up with even an ounce of sympathy for her. She's full of hate, and it's easy to see why so many people are afraid of her. I feel sorry for her children. I can't imagine what life must be like for them. I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know what happened after the first jury acquitted Georgia Roberts. And again... I enjoyed your writing... very detailed and fascinating.

Sally Merrick

Via the Internet

Editor's note: The second trial in the stalking case of WPLG-TV (Channel 10) anchor Kristi Krueger is expected this summer. Pretrial hearings are under way. Defendant Georgia Roberts promises that she will again come out victorious.

A Smattering of Sunshine

New Times Broward-Palm Beach hit for the cycle in the large newspaper category at the Sunshine State Awards this past weekend. Art critic Michael Mills picked up a first place in criticism for reviews including one of last year's Vatican show at the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale that, the judges said, had them "rolling on the floor." Managing Editor Edmund Newton grabbed a second in national security reporting for a Tailpipe column titled "Ammo Blues," and art director Pam Shavalier placed third in graphic design. Miami New Times picked up second place in sports reporting and third in front-page design.


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