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Letters to the Editor

A Naugle in the Bush
Is worth two hypocrites in the voting booth: The article entitled "Politically Incorrect" (Bob Norman, October 26) showed us that indifference and ignorance are not only handicaps of poor minorities but also of the mayor of Fort Lauderdale. Naugle is an ultraconservative who embraces the Christian Coalition, bears arms, and believes totally in the GOP agenda. And he uses his registration in the Democratic Party to benefit from what the Democrats do best: allow everybody the same opportunities. Really, his hypocrisy is offensive to the Democratic Party. Naugle is affiliated with the Democrats because he knows theirs is the party of all the people. Having a person of such beliefs in our tent is an offense to us all. Does his wife agree with his "cowboy" approach and his bearing arms? He is, like most Republicans, living 30 to 40 years in the past. And George W. Bush wants to take us back even further.

Not only did Mr. Bush Sr. break promises ("read my lips"), but he pardoned nine convicted criminals in the Iran-Contra affair. He should also be in jail for betraying his country and its Constitution. Under his government we had the biggest tax hike in the history of this country. People have short memories.

Mr. Naugle makes very serious allegations in New Times without offering proof. Mr. Clinton was not convicted. There were not enough votes to impeach him. And we all know about the GOP conspiracy to destroy him, clearly told in Joe Conason and Gene Lyons' The Hunting of the President. And allow me to recommend Anthony Summers' Arrogance of Power, too. Mr. Naugle, do you have any proof that Clinton abuses women and has sex with other women in his house? What house are you referring to? These are very serious allegations, Mr. Mayor. Do you really think G.W. Bush tells the truth? Have you studied his plans? And how about his record in Texas? Do you really know it? On August 26, 1999, under the headline "Here's the Full Story" by Tom Ruprecht, The New York Times published a story that stated George W. Bush had broken his own policy of refusing to respond to rumors about cocaine use by implying that he has not used drugs only in the past seven years. By the way, have you noticed how he often snorts, especially when he is nervous and cornered?

The New Republic,, and the Boston Globe informed us that Bush did not fulfill his obligatory service in the Texas Air National Guard. Mr. Bush says he will work with both parties. Too bad he supported his party's majority in Congress, which has declared war on the people of America by doing nothing for two entire years.

Mr. Naugle, if you really think religion is "something that people need to reconcile in their own hearts," why, then, does the Republican Party that you adore want to impose its cult on everybody?

Vicki Franco

And Now a Love Letter
Mr.Mayor, please remove your head from down under: Has Mayor Naugle gone insane? Your interview with him is the most appalling, disgusting, and disturbing article that I have read in years. He makes Jesse Helms sound compassionate. Why is he so paranoid? I am embarrassed for him and for all of us.

Jorge H. Santis
Fort Lauderdale

Investigate This Reader!
He (or she) must have something to hide: What is market value of the items missing from Piper High (Undercurrents, October 19)? This sounds like cops busting one kilo of coke and saying it has a street value of $1 million. In the large corporation where I work, we always have missing items. Most times, it is found in some storage room or was tossed as no longer needed. (But inventory was not updated.)

Two-year-old laptop computers? What processor, how much RAM? Can they run Windows 2000 or Windows 98? As I'm sure you know, a four-year-old computer is not worth spit, regardless of how much you paid for it. Judging by government order-processing, I'll bet these were 486 or low-powered Pentiums, with 32 megabytes of RAM or less.

This is the type of article I expect from City Link, not New Times! Let's do some investigating! Otherwise you do an outstanding job on investigative reporting.

B Martin
via the Internet

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