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Letters to the Editor

Publix Where working can be lethal
Five workers have died in Publix's Deerfield Beach warehouse in the past eight years. Has the workplace gotten safer? Apparently not.
By Harris Meyer

Thanks For the Nomination, Herbert
Wow! The article on Publix is a Pulitzer; that was great reading ("Publix: Where Working Can Be Lethal," Harris Meyer, February 10).

Now, who wakes up the asses in Tallahassee? Unfortunately I don't think anyone or anything.

But, I'm going to do my little bit. I will never set foot in a Publix as long as I live. Too bad I'm in my middle sixties. Just one thing: Don't publish an exposé on Winn-Dixie, or I'll starve to death!

Herbert Ammermuller
Pompano Beach

It's Not Just a Job, It's a Dangerous Adventure
I would like to commend the editors for the detailed story about Publix. I can't believe that this stuff has been squelched in the mainstream media.

I worked at their warehouse once a few years back, and it was a horror show. The assistant manager tried to milk every second out of us, and a "bird" was pushed into the heel of my foot and subsequently broke it. While it was an accident, I got yelled at for sitting down because my foot was sore. I found out it was broke when I later collapsed at home.

The turnover there was the worst I've seen anywhere, as people were walking out weekly. They would hire people and expect them all to be seasoned professionals overnight.

If there was ever a need for union representation, it's at Publix. They keep turnover high so not many benefits are paid. The ones who manage to stay the five years to be vested in the retirement plan rely on the ever-increasing price of the stock as compensation for the grief they endure.

How do you think they got so big so fast?

John Horniak
via the Internet

A Family Portrait
Meet Luis and José Cid, Elian Gonzalez's cousins, just a couple of good, old-fashioned American criminals
By Lissette Corsa, Jim DeFede, Robert Andrew Powell

Family Ties Not Worth Reporting
Your report on the criminal relatives of Elian was weak ("Family Portrait," Jim DeFede, Robert Andrew Powell, and Lissette Corsa, January 20).

Is guilt by family ties a sign that Lazaro [Gonzalez] and his wife cannot raise Elian to be an outstanding citizen? Please, stop reaching for straws in your search for a sensational story. I can go down the family tree of our last ten Presidents and find criminal records on just about any family member.

In your zest for controversy, you have forgotten common sense. By the way, I believe that Elian should be reunited with his father, but not because of his criminal relatives.

Al Ramirez
via the Internet

Family Values Are Worth Reporting
I am in total shock after reading "Family Portrait." No way would I place my child in some stranger's house in Miami to learn strong-arm robbery and drug abuse as family values.

We have to save the kid now from the crazy celebrity-style media coverage and material temptation. Every American who still has a conscience, please voice your anger and ask that our government use the National Guard to return the six-year-old to his father with no further delay to do more damage to the little soul. God bless America, and we need to do our part.

Greg Lu
via the Internet


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