Letters to the Editor

An expatriate gets exasperated: Today as I walked past the newsstand, my country's flag shouted out to me. I was so excited to read what you had to say about the flight of the South African population ("Generation Exodus," Amy Roe, June 21), but to my surprise or should I say no surprise at all, all you focused on was the past.

As you said in your article, apartheid ended seven years ago. And much to the delight of most of the white South Africans (I'm sure you are surprised that I say that), we all knew change was coming and welcomed it. What we did not welcome was the murdering of our families and friends -- black and white. You people have no clue what life in South Africa is like. We come from the most beautiful country in the world, and I've traveled some. Our people outshine many, and our country is warm, welcoming, and as I said, beautiful. There is so much to say about S.A., but I want to get back to your article. As for no one going back "without the carrot of increased salaries," that is nonsense. If our government would do something about the crime, murder, rape, and disorder, trust me, we would all go back -- even Lauren Pannicco and Gus Fabian.

If you think it's only the whites who are afraid in the new South Africa, then let me assure you, it is the black people who are suffering the most. Just because the country is under black rule doesn't mean the black people are happy. They are the victims of horrible crimes every day, and their stories are never told. Children are raped and nothing is done; women are abused and nothing is done. But all the world in general ever does is blame apartheid. Well, now there is no apartheid and no whites to blame for the past seven years. And what has the government done for its people? Built safe homes? No. Done away with townships? No. Created jobs? No. Unemployment is higher now than before. Boy, I could go on forever, so before you blame apartheid till the end of time, take a look at what's been done since. Nothing! Things have only gotten worse.

By the way, they talk of how the country handled its problems in the past; well, war is never pretty -- and we were at war. You Americans should know. Look what you did to the natives of this country. At least we want to make things better, but who can wait until their whole family is murdered in the process?

To all the South Africans who are trying to make a life elsewhere, I am proud of you. I also had to leave the place I call home, and it is the hardest thing in the world. To those who comment on things they don't know about, go live there and don't be such a coward. And as for Lauren Pannicco (who argued 99.9 percent of white South Africans are racist), why don't you tell us where you lived in South Africa and how many maids you had -- and still have? I call you a hypocrite. And who do you think you are, telling us not to enter your "new home," when you ran away like the rest of us? The only reason you live in an "economically and racially mixed neighborhood" is because that's all you can afford.

Now that I have said my piece, I want you to know that 99.9 percent of us have not left because we're racist, it's for our safety, and there is no reason for us to sacrifice any more than the American people should suffer because of their past.

Viva South Africa, black and white!

Candice Castro
via the Internet

Mbeki = Botha: I felt the need to respond to "Generation Exodus." Firstly I am a white South African, and although I do not share your ideas and consider your article biased, I will say that you have provided some useful information for South African ex-pats who are new to South Florida. I was not aware of Floyd's hostel, nor did I know the Kalahari Bar is a local meeting place for homesick white South Africans.

Secondly it is clear to me that you are not a South African. A South African of any race would spell the word bri correctly (correct spelling, braai). After reading your article, I realize that you probably have done some research on South Africa but, like most reporters of your opinion, have never, ever been to South Africa. I surely respect your opinion, but I hardly consider writings of a person who has studied a couple books and spoken to a few people legitimate information. This makes me understand why your story is biased.  

Thirdly I strongly condemn Lauren Pannicco's notion that 99.9 percent of white South Africans living in South Florida are racist. Has this lady done a survey perhaps? Does she know for sure that 99.9 percent of white South Africans living in South Florida are racist? I think not. A lot of white South Africans are NOT racist, and therefore her accusation makes me sick! Most expatriate white South Africans are sad for their country. This is due to several facts including, most important, the escalation of violence and crime that takes place on a daily basis, the countless deaths of citizens from disease, and the lifestyle people find themselves having to live.

The fact that Pannicco is living in a foreign country and quite openly expresses her views for not living in or returning to South Africa clearly explains to me that she shares the same opinion of her fellow South Africans living in Florida. South Africa is run by a black government, and whatever takes place now is due to their deeds. If she is so liberal and accepting of people from other nationalities and races, why in the world isn't she in South Africa right now, accepting the lifestyle that the South African government provides for its citizens? It's easy to sit in a foreign country and besmirch people when life is good!

How about taking the time to consider the core reason why white South Africans are leaving the country? I left due to reverse apartheid, crime, and disease! I most certainly do not want my children to be exposed to crime, disease, or prejudice because they have white skin. A lot of white South Africans were conditioned to accept the apartheid government during its rule and did not support its deeds. Should we have to live a life of prejudice or resentment by African people because we are white?

The South African government claims to be democratic. This is untrue. It practices almost the same policies and procedures of the previous government. It introduces strict affirmative action laws (in favor of less-skilled people) and fails to provide law-abiding citizens with adequate protection against crime. Most murderers do not even get captured, let alone arrested or jailed for taking a human being's life.

You are right: One thing that white South African ex-pats have in common is resentfulness, not racism! We resent the fact that we have to leave our families and our country of birth in order to protect ourselves and our children from the harsh lifestyle the South African government provides for its citizens. Quite rightly. Who in their sane mind would want to live the kind of life that I have just described?

Lastly you are entitled to your opinion. I most certainly am not responding to you in order to change your thoughts or salvage the picture that you have painted of white South Africans. I would invite you to take a trip to South Africa and perhaps stay (emphasis on "stay") there for a while. Then come back and provide your fellow Americans with more accurate information about South Africa and its people, particularly white South Africans.

Sandy Adams
via the Internet

Indignant Zach: I just happened to read your article about South Africans in Fort Lauderdale. While I cannot, from personal experience, attest to the accuracy of your insights and observations, it occurred to me you were simply describing, without a particular agenda, one of the many enclaves of foreigners in this area. And then it occurred to me that you had -- in an ostensibly benign fashion -- exposed an entire group of individuals to the INS!

Was that your intention? And, if so, I suggest you've done a great disservice and ought to be focusing, instead, upon the indigent, indecent, and indignant illegal aliens here, instead of what sounds like a relatively harmless group of South Africans.

Zacharias Rosner
via the Internet

An anti-Semitic philippic: Let me start off by saying I know J.D. Alder. He is a good Aryan, fighting in his own way for his people ("White Greetings," Adam Pitluk, June 21). But there is another side to the movement that you should know about, and maybe it's time for the rest of the country to wake up and take notice also. Have you any interest in finding out about the underground militant activity that has been happening, activity the mainstream press won't let anyone know about? My comrades and I are Lone Wolf activists who have contacts all over the United States and the world. We are actively waging racial holy war against the Jewish, parasitic, new world order that has taken control of our once great nation. We fight for the 14 words: WE MUST SECURE THE EXISTENCE OF OUR PEOPLE AND A FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN! And we go to bed each night asking ourselves, "What did I do for my race today?" We are all Knights in the RAHOWA! Do you think that the "sheeple" really want to know what's to come?  

Name withheld by request
via the Internet

Turnabout is fair hate: I don't write letters very often, but a story in the last issue forced me to respond. First, to J.D. Alder, I hope your car breaks down in Liberty City on "Ride Your Horse" day (an actual Klan event; I've been invited). What they do to you will be better than you deserve. As a so-called reverend (what sect would have you?) I'd hope you've read the Bible. I'm an agnostic, but just in case you weren't aware, Jesus didn't say, "Love your neighbor unless he's a Negro, in which case, string him up on the nearest tree and burn crosses on his lawn." Also, since you are studying American/British history, you should know: The only reason there are so many African-Americans here is because your forefathers brought them. Mine participated too, I must admit.

I am not black. I am a proud Irish-and-German-American, and just to let you know, there's a difference between pride in your own culture and spreading ignorance. There's not a lot to be proud of in your British heritage. We kicked Britain's ass once, and they built a clock. That's about it. The Egyptians built the pyramids, which still stand, and created one of the first written languages. Also, regarding the "America is theirs" comment, this land doesn't belong to anyone. It was here before Adam and Eve, and therefore belongs to God, who will judge you, may I add. Who will judge you harshly because you use His name in your rhetoric. Of course the Klan is a dead end, the rest of the human race has evolved past that. Maybe your gene pool is above ground, maybe just a puddle, but I'd be interested in how many generations back your family has been inbred. Oh yes, King's Disease was another legacy of the British. They inbred to keep the royal blood untainted and ended up with toothless imbeciles running the country. Did you get to that chapter of the history book yet? But I digress.

For anyone who sees the Reverend Alder on the streets, I suggest a firsthand history lesson. That means tie one limb each to four horses and get them running in opposite directions. If he's still breathing, hang him from the highest branch. Just to make it authentic, let's invite a crowd of cowards in sheets to watch and laugh. Then he'll be able to understand what it's like to be black in the wrong town at the wrong time. In the meantime, Mr. Alder, watch your back, because your picture has been printed and we know your name. Racism has many faces, but it has NO place in a civilized society except underground.

John Tracey
via the Internet

A sad and horrifying missive: Wyatt Olson's story about the butcher (formerly, thank God) known as a plastic surgeon ("Requiem for a Butcher," June 7) reminded me of a Law & Order episode. Where is McCoy when you need him? Your story also helped me in my decision to never, ever, get plastic surgery, no matter how decorated the doctors' walls might be. It amazes me that these innocent people are left scarred, disfigured -- and worse, dead -- yet this man is allowed to watch the latest episodes of The Drew Carey Show or what have you and to laugh and smile every day for hopefully the short remaining years of his life.

It deeply saddens me how badly the legal system works when it comes to the Dr. Frankensteins with money in this country or just the rich in general. (O.J., anyone?) I definitely feel for those who are left to deal with this unfair dilemma when all they wanted to do was better themselves. What a sad and horrifying world we live in.

Shawn Patrick Clancy
Oakland Park

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