Local Artist = Celebrity BFF in D.C.

We first heard of Fort Lauderdale artist Ryan Paul Simmons in the fall, when he made a real cool painting of Barack Obama and offered it up to help the campaign in whatever way he could.

He ended up participating in a Miami event where actors Matt Damon and Alicia Silverstone were urging voters to choose Obama.  Simmons saw his moment of opportunity.  Next thing we knew, he was a celebrity's BFF, popping up with his painting at movie premieres and concerts.

This week, he made it all the way to Washington where he hung out with guys like Samuel Jackson.  Here he is - love his style! - with Wyclef Jean (thanks to photographer Linda St. Hilaire for the pic). And......

Local Artist = Celebrity BFF in D.C.
... while he may not have met Obama, he saw to it that the president received a t-shirt with the image screenprinted onto it. The proof aftr the jump.
Local Artist = Celebrity BFF in D.C.

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