Mailman Gets DUI After Passing Out on Route

Just after noon today, Boynton Beach Police responded to a report that a mailman was slumped over the wheel of his mail truck. Cops say that the mailman, Kevin Michael Crocilla, then scored a spectacular .264 on a Breathalyzer test -- more than three times the legal limit. From the police press release:

When officers arrived, it immediately became apparent that Crocilla, 29, was intoxicated. He fell asleep while officers were speaking to him, smelled of mouthwash and alcohol, couldn't stand on his own and his eyes appeared red and watery.

He told officers with the Boynton Beach Police Department's Traffic Unit that he drank wine all night and then drank half a bottle of mouthwash in an attempt to cover the smell.

Crocilla was taken to the Palm Beach County Jail.

And I daresay that no inmate had breath as minty fresh as Crocilla. Shame that there's so much alcohol in mouthwash though.

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