Man and Beast: Delray Great Place to Live, If You're a Shark

Delray Beach City Commissioners may balk at housing too many ex-drug addicts, but at least they did vote last Tuesday to make Delray a safe haven for sharks. The commission banned shark fishing on the Delray municipal beach or within 300 feet of it. Or, they didn't exactly ban it; they just made it illegal to try to lure the sharks using cut bait, a last-minute addition to the bill for which local shark-fishing lobbies were perhaps responsible. 

Since sharks have been known to swarm in Delray waters practically within arm's reach of bathers, the bill is good news. Not only for Jaws but also for the area's swimmers, many of whom might wonder if doing the backstroke through bloody, chum-laden tropical waters could be construed as an invitation to dinner.

It's still entirely legal for any fool to catch a shark with a rod and reel, however, and perfectly legal for the shark to pretend to play dead until said fool inserts hand in mouth.

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