Marilyn Manson in Shorts and No Makeup: Cameo on Eastbound & Down

Brian Warner grew up in Fort Lauderdale, put on makeup, started a band, and proceeded to shock conservative people around the world as Marilyn Manson.

Over the years, he continued to surprise people by writing books, appearing in Bowling for Columbine, speaking eloquently, and getting beautiful chicks to go out with him.

Now comes a big reveal, as Warner appears in a clip of the TV show Eastbound & Down as a pasty-faced, frowny roller-rink waiter in no makeup and shorts. If not quite as exciting as when Kiss took off their makeup, it's at least mildly entertaining.

Manson has talked in the past of being a fan of Eastbound & Down and is said to dress up like the show's main character, down-and-out baseball player Kenny Powers, when just kicking it around L.A.

Here is the clip, in which his sole line is "Welcome to Jellybeans. Can I take your trash?":

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