Media Barred From Marco Rubio's Speech to the Forum Club

Media Barred From Marco Rubio's Speech to the Forum Club

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Marco Rubio will be giving a speech at a Forum Club of the Palm Beaches lunch at the Palm Beach County Convention Center next week.

But, per the Florida senator's request, Rubio's speech won't be heard by the media.

"He was glad to speak to this group but didn't want to make the remarks public," Rubio spokesman Alex Conant said.

Forum Club Executive Director Gayle Pallesen said that, over the past 20 years, the only other speaker whose request for private remarks was granted was Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, who ended up having to cancel his January appearance because of a family emergency.

The Forum Club of the Palm Beaches is a nonprofit, nonpartisan political organization started in 1976 that holds forum-style meetings, usually with prominent public speakers.

Rubio is slated to introduce Mitt Romney at the upcoming RNC in Tampa at the end of the month, in hopes that he can sway Hispanic voters to support Mitt. On Monday, Rubio revved up a crowd at a Romney campaign stop in Miami.

The Form Club has traditionally been open to the media, with a Q&A following.

But Rubio cares not for tradition, and therefore NO MEDIA ALLOWED.

The event will, however, still hold a Q&A after the speech in which the media can ask follow-up questions about the speech they weren't allowed to hear.

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