Miramar Resource Officer Delivers Baby at Elementary School

Miramar Resource Officer Delivers Baby at Elementary School

A woman arriving at Fairway Elementary school in Miramar to pick up her child coming out of school, when her other child decided she was coming out of her.

The woman, nine months pregnant, began to have contractions Thursday afternoon, just as she was arriving to the school at pick-up time.

Since a school is not a hospital, and typically not a place people give birth, the woman was in need of help.

So a Miramar Police School Resource stepped up, and helped bring that baby into the world.

The officer, Natasha Richardson, took charge of the situation when she saw the woman's contractions had intensified.

Richardson then delivered the baby at the school.

It was a girl.

The newborn, Maybelle Colin Sainvilus, and her mother were taken to Memorial Regional Hospital and are reportedly doing well.

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