Mitt Romney's Blimp Forced To Make Emergency Landing in Davie

(via WPLG Channel 10 News)
(via WPLG Channel 10 News)

On Friday morning, WPLG Channel 10 News ran a story of a blimp with the words "America Needs Romney" emblazoned next to a giant drawing of Mitt Romney's face on the side of the airship.

"Flying high in the polls," the lede in the story began, "Mitt Romney was also flying high over the streets of South Florida Friday morning."

Get it?

Then on Sunday, it was forced to make an emergency landing because the pilot screwed up and didn't have time to take it back to the airport.


It's unclear if the blimp is an official airship of the Romney campaign, or if it just belonged to a group of supporters.

According to police, the pilot of the thermal airship was forced to land in an open field south of Bamford Park in Davie.

Apparently, the pilot realized he didn't have time to return to Perry Airport, so he just dropped her down where he could.

"He came down tail first and then the gondola struck and then rolled to its side and deflated," said Captain Dale Engle of the Davie Police Department. "It may not be breezy here on the ground, but when you get [to] 1000 feet, which this thing does operate at, I think the current is a lot different."

The airship was hovering over Davie at about 7:15 p.m. Sunday night, when it started to head southeast toward the airport in Pembroke Pines. The heavy winds, however, kept pushing it west.

That's when the pilot decided to land it on a field far from homes. No one was injured as a result of the landing.

The 160-foot airship was eventually deflated in the grass and went from this:

Mitt Romney's Blimp Forced To Make Emergency Landing in Davie

To this:

Mitt Romney's Blimp Forced To Make Emergency Landing in Davie

(photo from @chancehorner)

A Romney aircraft filled with hot air that overran its air time and was forced to land because of wind blowing it into different directions, and then was deflated into a sad droopy mess?




*head explodes*

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