Mo' Mustache Countdown: No. 4

Developer Ron Bergeron is arguably the most powerful man in West Broward. Politicians, lobbyists, journalists: Mere crumbs in a single mighty mustache. Among Bergeron's many manly acts this year. This summer he dangled a big reward for the capture of whomever was slaughtering horses in South Florida. In May he joined Kendrick Meek, Charlie Crist and Bill Nelson on an Everglades hunting trip for pythons. And he's even emerged as a character in the ongoing investigation of deal-making at the Broward School District.

If it weren't for that last bit, Bergeron would be a lock for one of the top three spots on this list. After all, according to local legend, Bergeron's facial hair grows so thickly, so quickly that he must shave before and after breakfast.

Stay tuned to this blog tomorrow, when I'll be revealing Broward and Palm Beach's third most celebrated 'stache. And remember the method to our madness: Movember, the international mustache-growing contest whose funds go toward researching treatment for prostate cancer. Maybe a mustache will help you, clean-shaven Juice reader, unleash your inner Bergeron.

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