Mother's Day: Florida's Six Worst Moms

In case you've forgotten, Sunday is Mother's Day. And while you might be scrambling to buy your mom $2 flowers from a gas station or getting her yet another Hallmark card with kittens on it from the CVS down the street (again!), maybe you want to remember that you have only one mother.

And maybe you should be thankful it wasn't one of these mothers that the universe seemed fit to give you.

Here are six Florida moms who will make you thankful for your own mom (and maybe motivate you to actually do something nice for yours this Sunday):

1. The Mom Who Let Her 9-Year-Old Eat Some Crack on Christmas Morning

Fire rescue officials were called to the home of Kimberly Losurdo on a report that a child began convulsing.

Because the child ate crack cocaine.

A the hospital, the child told cops that the 45-year-old Losurdo was smoking, snorting, and ingesting "stuff" (i.e. -- crack).

Then, on Christmas morning, the 9-year-old found what was descrbied as an "irregular shaped, rock-like" substance in the bathroom and ate it.

Not long after that, the child began throwing up and convulsing. Losurdo then called paramedics. So, kudos to Mom for at least calling the paramedics after her kid ate some crack?

Mother's Day: Florida's Six Worst Moms

2. The Mom Who Let Her Little Boy Wander the Streets Naked

A 3-year-old boy was walking around the streets of New Port Richey naked. A driver spotted the toddler and, seeing how a naked little boy walking down the street is not something you see every day, called 911 and told cops about it.

Cops also say that the apartment of the boy's mother, Kelly Ann Gibbs, was unkempt, with empty bottles of alcohol strewn all over the place.

Authorities say Gibbs was unaware that her child was missing, which is kind of shocking that someone who lives in a dirty apartment with discarded liquor bottles and cans littered about wouldn't know something like that.

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