New Times Writers to Host Reddit AMA on Biogenesis Doping Scandal at 10 A.M.

New Times Writers to Host Reddit AMA on Biogenesis Doping Scandal at 10 A.M.
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One day after Tony Bosch was arrested for illegal steroid distribution, the reporter who broke the story on A-Rod's doping scandal, Tim Elfrink, will be hosting a Reddit AMA. Like many illustrious men before him -- including the man with two penises, former New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller, and actor Woody Harrelson -- the managing editor of our sister paper will be fielding questions on the internet's front page.

Elfrink will be posting alongside Gus Garcia-Roberts, a former New Times reporter who co-authored Blood Sport, a book on Biogenesis that's currently available in bookstores and airports across the country.

The book started as a New Times cover story in January of last year. The story about Tony Bosch's anti-aging clinic got 15 ballplayers suspended and A-Rod banned from 211 games. The piece snowballed into a three-part series that won the George Polk Award and was a finalist for Harvard's Goldsmith prize. About a month after it became a full-length book, Tony Bosch was charged by the feds with giving away human growth hormone like candy.

Click here later this morning to ask Elfrink and Garcia-Roberts any burning questions you might have about performance-enhancing drugs in the MLB, doping at the University of Miami, and how the problem has trickled down into high school sports.

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