Occupy Fort Lauderdale: The Pool Party (BYOB)

Now there's a cause your average Fort Lauderdale resident can get behind -- a pool party.

What seems to be the inaugural Occupy Fort Lauderdale pool party is scheduled for January 28, which could actually be the first Occupy pool party in the nation.

Who says Occupy Fort Lauderdale isn't being innovative?

Technically, Occupy Tampa had an event in October with the title of "pool party" -- but that was no pool.

According to Occupy Tampa, that was just an event to wear a bathing suit and run through the fountains at a local park -- clearly not a pool party.

And according to Google Maps, there's actually a pool at the address of the Occupy Fort Lauderdale pool party.

The event is also billed as a barbecue and fundraiser, with a suggested donation of $5.

As mentioned in the headline, it's BYOB, so pack the flask before heading out.

Meanwhile, the occupiers are doing things other than pool parties -- they're having a rally between the Broward courthouse and the federal bankruptcy court today, they're currently discussing whether the group should join the Pro-Choice Coalition of Broward, and as always, they're planning the meeting for Sunday.

However, there's also a pool party.

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