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Owen Wilson, Hat Visit FTL

Owen Wilson, Hat Visit FTL

Owen Wilson did a little prep work Friday at the Sun-Sentinel building for the upcoming "Marley and Me" flick, part of which will be filmed at the newspaper. National Law Journal reporter and newly minted SPJ president Julie Kay freelanced news of the trip to People. The balding fellow Wilson is talking to is none other than Editor Earl Maucker. And the pig-tailed lass in the foreground who seems to have captured the actor's eye? Yeah, I'd recognize the back of that head anywhere. It's reporter Brittany Wallman, also known as Wife of the Pulp.

The appearance has a bit of added interest since Wilson hasn't been seen much in public since his drug-addled suicide attempt in August (he did present at the Oscars, in humorless fashion). Wilson was accompanied by Eric Dane, who my research indicates plays the role of "McSteamy" on Gray's Anatomy. Absent was Wilson's co-star, Jennifer Aniston.

Let's see, Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, and a dog? How could you possibly miss?

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